Sunday, June 7, 2015

D Day | Brian Williams live report

      71-years ago yesterday (June, 6) America came in on Germany with full blast on D Day. Germany attacked with full blast creating many problems. Problems clearly 'Merica took care of regardless. It wasn't exactly an amazing experience living in America at the time So I'd imagine. You're a male? If you qualify after the the health test you're coming to fight. You're a female? We're leaving you here to sit worried about your loved one(s). From a mother to a house wife, you sit in fear. The best part is waiting for the post man every day, yet dreading a telegram.

Imagine having to ride a ship to run out onto the beach where snippers are shooting ridiculously at you.

      "I was the first one out. The seventh man was the next one to get across the beach without being hit. All the ones in between were hit. Two killed - three injured. That's how lucky you had to be."
- Captain Richard Merrill 

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