Sunday, June 21, 2015

Day at the carnival | Metro Detroit

      This weekend my man (George Glass) and I took a visit to a local carnival with my little Venezuelian Angelika too!! Angelika isn't afraid to go on the big rides which was awesome

      While George Glass and I had a cigarette, Angelika went on the bumper cars. After watching her get into jams I was in line to show her how it's done. 

      In front of myself in line were four young children (Around age 8-10). Luckily I overheard one of them state not to go for the white I questioned him why. He explained to me how the mechanics make it the least powerful. Immediately I inquired which was the best car to use. He stated black.

            Things got serious
      These kids and I had a system. The system - we all run for a black car, switch partners from there. 
      The gate opens. We got the cars...but Angelika chose her own car. Therefore I was now Han Solo. A young 6-year-old saves the day, asking adorably to be shotgun. Before the cars started she explained how I reverse and such. She asked to drive if I have the pedal. We negotiated.
      I got us out of jams and aimed slightly towards an open space. This littleun' aimed correctly towards our buddies and would bump them up!  That girl was the best bumper car partner I've ever had.