Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Enhancing natural beauty

      The girls of a family I'm close friends with held a Mary Kay party when the boys were out of town. The bottom left you see the lovely Trudy (host), bottom right is Shirley (The specialist), top left is Alex (My main b!$&%), and I reside in the top right. 

      MaryKay specialist Shirley Nunez came out with a project called Enhancing Natural Beauty (something I've been working on within myself past few years, I currently only use mascara). Shirley taught me there's more to a healthy, pretty face than just cake facing and using a good quality face scrub and cleanser. 

     First step, remove eye make up (my at-home eye makeup remover is already MaryKay)
      Second step, use facial scrub. This facial scrub was so gentle, and my skin felt so fresh - so clean. Hehe. 
      Third, fourth, and fifth step, simply put the lotion on the skin. Follow up with CC cream, and a light bronzer to enhance your cheek bones. When I was done with the process my skin felt pretty nifty not going to lie. No cake faced feeling, look, or really anything caked on. Mascara came last. The only product I didn't dig was the mascara. I have yet to experiment more with it. though - mascaras my thang!

      I not only have I learned healthy, natural techniques with beauty products...but had a great time! This isn't an Avon cliche Tupperware party kinda vibe. The only time stupid common sense facts would be spoken of when I asked them... (ahaha - seriously). 
      Not saying "go buy the product now! blah blah!" 
      I'm saying something more along the lines of "yo, throwing a free Mary Kay Party isn't going to kill". It was definitely worth attending!