Tuesday, June 9, 2015

OOTD | Summertime freedom

      Tribal attire has my heart this year. Turquoise has a spot in my heart too. Very calm color, reminds me of mermaids (The magical non-scary as shit part of the sea). Bum bags are perfect if you're one to have an unorganized "Mary Poppins" purse like myself. The floral design on this particular bag fits beautifully with a daisy crown. Since I was a littleun I've wanted a daisy crown made of real daisies - because of Disney's Alice in Wonderland. I've made several attempts with real daisies...still have yet to succeed. 

      As much of a flower child as I am, still I remain strange. Freedom is a privilege. Imagine feeling as free as a pineapple in a tree. Keep a pineapple in each outfit to remind yourself of your freedom. 



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