Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Throwback | Austin Powers Jaguar

      Back in '04 I spent the whole summer with my best friend Eleanor, who I met in ballet class. Her family came from England for something work related with her dad she moved back in the fall…
      During that summer my brother's Boy Scout troupe had a classic car show. 
      Giving us the privelage to ride in the real Austin Powers jaguar! Same one Mike Myers Rode in, and we didn't even care about the experience at the time. We've seen the one Austin Power movie and knew of the trade marks…just mainly cared about the ride in the car itself. Cruising down Marine City on our way home was amazing.

      I'm the littleun in the back left, Eleanor on the right. My brotha resides in the passenger while my faja drives. In the laps of Eleanor and I we hold our beloved American Girl dolls. Couldn't go anywhere without them! 
      I haven't seen Eleanor since that year. It was only about 2-years ago she found me on Facebook - thankfully. Hopefully her family comes back to visit the states! I'd love to visit her with all honesty. 

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