Monday, August 24, 2015

Hair and horoscopes

      Horoscope is an old Greek saying translating to "time marker".  Your zodiac sign is given depending on the alignment of the moon, stars, and sun at the time of birth. Known commonly as a sign from Heaven. What I didn't know, was your zodiac sign can also determine the best hair for you.

      As an Aquarius i'll admit I'm witty, open-minded, yet have very low self esteem. Pity party anyone? Since I was a child people have told me I'm a "funny person". One summer as a kid, my friend's running buddy told me "you should be a comedian!". Never forgot that. The issue with that occupation, I usually don't try to be funny…
      I keep an open mind, without letting my brains fall out. Remember, there's three sides to every story. Yours, mine, and the truth.  
      Confident? I'm pretty damn fearless. Walking around metro and downtown Detroit at ridiculous hours. Really anywhere walking around at 3am is sketchy.

People call me crazy. I call it fearless. 

      My good hair day is when it's voluminous and flowing free. 
      Couldn't agree more. 

      My brilliant tip is to inspire others with a dramatic darker color. 
Couldn't disagree more. 

      As a natural red-head, it's too much maintaince to go for another color. From our invisible eyelashes to skin's just too much.

mirror mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of them all? Gingers.

            If you're into hair coloring, you can take the hair dye advisor quiz. Personally I don't dye my hair anymore, but I still took the quiz. My results? Auburn red How ironic. 

      In the past Ive dyed my hair black, and after went to blonde after (yes, I'm that stupid).  Madison Reed is the reason my hair is now healthy and back to it's natural color again. Whelp, as a hair color provider they do provide maximum protection! 

Find out your Hair-O-Scope click here
Take the Hair dye advisor quiz click here
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  1. I think your very smart, creative and awesome! Those are traits of Aquarius! I'm a Pisces. Your hair looks great!

  2. For some weird reason your comments aren't showing up on my blog :'(
    Do you use Disqus?
    PS: Another Pisces in the house! :D

    1. Say whaaa!? I do...but I'm using mobile maybe that's why? I'll go comment on your latest post, let me know if you can read it.
      Pisces and Aquarius are perfect pairs!