Thursday, September 17, 2015

Roses are red


      I've come to fancy the madness down here. Roses are red, violets talk with you, the tea is much better, much warmer as it brewed. The keys in my hand, and I've managed to find the lock. Sometimes I wonder what would've happened if I just would've knocked. 

      Sometimes I wonder why I keep wandering on. The further I get, the further the madness escalates. Smiles guide me, but I'm not sure where. I remember where the light is...I want out of here. 

      I had followed a path from the bottom of the rabbit hole. Made it all the way to where I am now, a beautiful flower garden. I pick a rose to put in my hair, and turn to go on my way. The path has vanished. Brushed away like Hansel and Gretal's path of crumbs...


  1. I am amazed the way you write. You totally remind me those times when i started blogging, i also write poems, and i love doing them. This is really for me a gothic yet very powerful one!

    I received your message on my contact form, i'll communicate with you bout this on FB. Also, idk if you already went to this post, but yes, i've got you nominated/ :) Oh yes, i remember, you posted comments already! See you around Harlyn!

    1. I'm glad you enjoy it!
      I'll post explaining the ongoing posts after the award nomination post.
      It gives me a lot of confidence hearing the good feedback! honestly.