Wednesday, November 18, 2015

I will no longer let you control me

      Laziness and loneliness are often confused. Similar to love and lust, they go hand in hand yet total opposites. When loneliness hits, seclusion follows. Seclusion drives one mad, especially when they've got only themselves to guide their day away. That's when the madness comes into effect. Wasting life away lost in thought. Time is only hope at this point.

      I've come to learn ways to help avoid getting lost in your own mind.
Don't find something to depend on. Too many people in my area depend on heroin. Heroin is not a coping skill hoarding puppies isn't either. You need to have control over your dependence.
Smoke trees, but don't pawn your television for a sack. Do yoga, but don't stop contributing to your nutritional health. Learn graffiti art, but don't huff the paint. Learn knive throwing, but don't crave the pain when you accidentally get cut. Take up kick boxing, but don't use it towards others to release anger.

      When you're losing control to the point your mind tells your heart and body what to do, continue whatever it is you're doing not what you're thinking about doing. This isn't deep breathing.You won't get looks as if you're in the dentist's waiting room doing some deep breathing (quality entertainment at its best). Think about four things you can view, three things you can feel, two things you can hear, one thing you smell, and one thing you taste.
      You have just refreshed all five of your senses, you now have full control. Shit is nifty, works nicely for myself. I'll be bashing the wall with a baseball bat out of control while going through the thought process. I'm usually confused, but hault shortly after.

      How do you deal with your "crazy" side?


  1. I love this. I should probably do more and less of all of these things.

    1. I use the method of gaining control of all senses quite often. You'd be surprised the significance a small adjustment can create!

  2. Music or just talking it out with true friends helps me.