Saturday, November 21, 2015

Years of madness - rewind

      Within my years of blogging, I've taken a liking for certain past posts. In some cases even feel the need to re-write the same topic. For instance, what's up with the whole Micaela/Harlynn name game. You can read the elaborated explanation, it's actually strange how I came about being Harlynn. Also, who Harlynn is.

      I've had controversial topics that have both gained and lost readers of mine. My blogging guru always taught me to remember my legal rights while having the courage to post about anything. My bash on the blogging environment was quite the thrill. Favorite opinionated comments by far. When you blog blunt, your feedback is blunt.

      My whole small manic redhead living in Metro Detroit topics are the only writings I have relevant to travel. If you're not from Detroit, the casual crimes tend to freak you out. My dumb ass takes daring acts. Including the time I lectured a crack dealer. I was walking to the gas station, complimented a strangers Cadillac, and you can go read how that went.

      My circus freak nature started off as a hobby, and became a sport in which I lost 100lbs doing. Here's my success story. Using a weighted hoop your first time is easier because momentum will build without too much repetative speed needed. You can make your own easily. My first few I made myself. Here's the secret on how to make your own adult hula hoop. Wondering what the hell you'd do with a hula hoop? You can learn anything from basic waist hooping to butt hooping.

      Fashion bloggers I give much credit for their research and photography. My only OOTD post was surprisingly a success! Check out my fashion sense here. Lately my man has been the fashion police, and now realize I never match. He finds it cute, I find it irritating now that I try coordinating outfits...I'm pretty ignorant when it comes to fashion and beauty.

      What's a topic you'd like to read about on Mind Your Madness?


  1. I applaud you for being able to tackle controversial topics. It's important to write what you think, and although it's important to keep readers, I believe it's more important to do what makes you happy as a blogger.
    Natalie @

    1. Nicely put. Thank you!
      I do my best to respect others. While keeping my opinions blunt and unbiased as possible.

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  3. I like everything you write! You always stay true to yourself and I love that.

    1. Thanks Emilie! Some people find it too much, or love it.