Sunday, January 31, 2016

An apple a day

      "An apple a day keeps anybody away if you throw it hard enough"

     Having an iPhone 6/6s for a week then shattering the screen is the best! Said nobody ever. My man and I took a trip to the closest Apple Store to fix my new baby. Located at Partridge Creek outdoor mall. Both of us had never been to the huge corporation's retail shop before. We assumed to walk into something like seen on South Park

      No super power forces used at the actual Apple Store. Also, they wore all red. Not blue.

      It was packed with customers! 'nam flashbacks of the Sprint store were shortly interrupted by a worker. While you wait they set you in front of a Mac computer that I was too intimidated to touch because I'd assume it's $2568863578. 

      Within 15-minutes I was in and out. Seriously. However I had to wait an hour for them to repair my screen. So we killed time browsing a store with art crafted by Michigan artists (mainly in the Metro Detroit area). Ended up leaving with an iron on patch. They sell undies with the same saying that I plan to go back for.

      For myself, a Sesame Street inspired Detroit magnet. Fancy the area code replacing the "123". What ever happened to Sesame Street, anybody still see it on? 

      Print shown below magnet can be found on Etsy by Dethpsun

      While browsing Partridge Creek, you'll run into people with their dogs. Amazes me you can't smoke legally indoors anymore, but a dog is welcome inside. 

      Do you use Apple products?

Saturday, January 30, 2016

OOTD gone horribly wrong

While attempting an OOTD post, I couldn't get past picture two.

"Wait why do you need me to get you at certain angles!?"
- The boyfriend
Jealousy at its best

He wouldn't finish the shoot. Side note, he does hate this outfit as he claims it's "too 90's". The pictures that actually came out didn't show my outfit fully. As you can see above, he snapped a slick shot of my frustration.

The necklace I'm wearing is one of my wrapped healing stones. Wish i could share a better quality pic as planned..My cousin got me into the joy of making jewelry with healing crystals. He supplied the stone I'm wearing, and I made my first wire wrap pendant. I'm soon to open my Etsy shop with many to choose from! 

These adorable Hello Kitty moccasins I wore in an OOTD last year for eShakari . Still rocking them! They were a present from my step-dad Christmas 2014. 

There you have it. My madness in an OOTD gone wrong.

Monday, January 25, 2016

Avoiding the housewife life

I'm actually proud I didn't jump into college after highschool. I'm actually afraid I'll one day just be a housewife. Currently I'm a part-time at home babysitter. I adore the two little girls as much as my man. They think he's Mickey Mouse probably because of his hair line. I'm happy with my job but wish it was more scheduled. 

I spend most of my time alone at home and drive myself insane! With my psych issues it's difficult even visiting my cousin or grocery shopping without all my medication. Did I mention I don't drive? 
Living the lonely life

My man fixed the loving room walls making enough space for when I babysit or hula hoop. Chalkboard wall, coloring table, and use our spare room as our living space. I can't explain how much I appreciate him for helping me. What's in the future though? When I have children my goal isn't to be a housewife. I'm going to succeed with my performing arts. I realized keeping one active goal at a time is the best way to go about success. 

My goal right now is to practice driving enough to take my road test and get my drivers license.

What's your goal?

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

4 ways to quick fix your skin problems

      We all have something skin related we consider a flaw. Myself, those nasty blackheads. After crying those bags under my eyes has always drive me crazy! Here's some quick skin fix tips you'd be surprised works. No makeup needed - all healthy for the skin.

      Swap between two pillow cases 
      Night is when our skin repairs itself. A dirty pillow case can clog up pores. Especially after collecting your dead skin cells (I'd rather not sleep in that nasty mess). Keep two clean pillow cases on hand. Every night swap between the two. Less laundry, less breakouts, less stress.

     Stop flaunting nasty zits
      For a headstart to the new day, you can reduce the size and redness of your unwanted "beauty mark". Hold an ice cube onto the spot for 15-second intervals throughout 3 to 4-minutes. This reduces inflammation. Next take out the visean (yes, Visean) and add a few drops to your zit. Works the blood vessels to reduce redness just like your eyes.

      Vanish those under eye bags from crying
      The worst place to have a meltdown is in public. The worst place to show the aftermath is in public. Simply hold an ice cube on your lower lid for 15-second intervals throughout 3 or 4-minutes. This reduces the inflammation. After, wipe your lower make up and get back out there!

      Wipe down your phone daily.
      When your phone is off you'll observe all the grease on the screen. Not only from the oils on your face, but hands due to texting. Use a microfiber cloth (same used for eye glasses) and wipe your screen down at least once daily.

      These few quick tricks will benefit your skins health and beauty. Do you have any skin care secrets?

Friday, January 15, 2016

Booket list

      I've noticed more people creating book lists to accomplish reading than resolutions this new year. As a writer, I'm not much of a book reader. Sitting down and relaxing with a book is hard for somebody as restless as myself to do regularly. Maybe I should change this. Here's a few reads I've decided to dedicate time this new year towards. 

• Lord of the Flies 
      Banned in my school before I got a chance to read it. All I know is it's some morbid child survival of the fittest type story. I dig it.

• The Bell Jar
      Plath's only novel. An old friend let me borrow this one awhile back. Currently on my bookshelf collecting dust. Plath's poetry interests me. Therefore I'd assume I'll be hooked on this novel.

• Alice's Adventures in Wonderland 
      The classic by Lewis Carroll has been on my list awhile now. As much of the madness I relate to, it's a must read. 

• The Wizard of Oz
      Honestly I'd love to read the entire Oz series. Both Oz and Wonderland look like such amazing places, yet these young girls only want home. 

      My list consists of classics for a reason. I'd love suggestions towards more good classic reads!

      What's on your "booket" list?

Thursday, January 14, 2016

Old school stitches

      About four days ago I got these bad boys. I've never experienced having stitches before.

      Ten in my palm
      Three on the thumb

      What happened
      Make a long story short, glass + my dumb ass. After the accident, I walked to the neighbors leaving a blood trail. My hand was soaked, pouring out but for some reason it didn't phase me. Once I sat down, a friend asked to look at the damage. I opened my hand, it opened more than I expected...that's when I felt the pain. Overall I probably lost about a half pint of blood. 

      Now that my dominant hand is messed up, I'm focusing on the opposite hand to off-body hula hoop until I'm healed up. It still sucks. 

      What's your experience with stitches?

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

ModCloth favorites

      99.9% of us love ModCloth. Modern, Retro and Vintage clothes, house ware, accessories, etc. Here's a few of my current favorites. 

      I've always wanted to start the fresh year with a 365-day question journal. This book asks questions each day, and you keep it to answer the same questions the following 5-years. 

      Mermaids have interested me since a child. Maybe because the only red headed princess was Ariel? This book is packed with the mystical legends of mermaids!

      I've recently taken a love for sea horses. This pillow would fit fabulous in my newly renovated home that were still in the process of. The colors also grasped my attention. 

      The only clothes pins I'd consider investing in. As a fellow circus freak these suit me well. I love the contortionist and unicyclist. 

      The solar system set. I'm in much need of new plates, bowls, etc. Learn the rotation of each planet as you eat. 

      As a hippie at heart I'm in love with this! The colors and weave are stunning. Sometimes I want to get my Pocahontas on, even if I'd dress with it more 60's style. 

      Can't go wrong with flannel. Ever.

      The fit of this dress, colors, and length have my heart. Yellow is a recent favorite of mine. It's hard coordinating colors when you're s redhead!

      Love these! Can you say hula hoop attire!? Work out clothes at its best. They are probably super cozy too. 
      Be sure to visit ModCloth's site for more!

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Cereal killer

      French Toast Crunch is back!? Similar to the excitment seeing Count Chocula for sale way before fall. This cereal was my shit as a kid. Give me a bowl, I'd kill it before the bus came. 
Ma, how do they make mini French toasts? 


      Before heading to get groceries (and a toilet seat..I broke my toilet seat - don't ask) we stopped at Five Below where I got my man sound proof headphones. Watching him grocery shop dancing around was amusing. Asking him questions concerning shopping, not so much. 

      What's your childhood cereal?

Sunday, January 10, 2016

Daily benefits that will change the way you live

      With these simple steps, you'll feel younger and healthier. Waking up before sunrise is a fresh start to a new day.  If you're used to waking up at noon shoot for 11am and slowly but surely you'll grasp a full day's schedule. 

      The first meal you eat boosts your metabolism and keeps you energized. Skipping out can mentally and physically strain your body. 

      Exercise doesn't mean push ups and weights. Find a sport you're into, do yoga, even walking your dog. I lost 100lbs after taking up hula hooping. If I can do it, so can you! 

      Cooking at home becomes a habit after so long. McDonalds toys may be appealing but it'll go a long way simply cooking at home. 

      Procrastinators unite tomorrow. Stop holding things off. You have a month before you have to complete a task? Start now to relieve stress later. 

      Ditch that elevator! Have you seen the movie Tower of Terror? Maybe that will motivate you. Whenever I have the option, steps are my way up or down a few floors. 

      Green tea both boosts your metabolism and is jam packed with nutrients your body needs. Prenatal vitamins are also a great thing to get in the habit of taking daily. 

      Pictures by Cure Joy, find them on Facebook for the whole list! 

Thursday, January 7, 2016

I thought grandmas lived forever

      Cancer seems to kill the Angels. Above is my younger cousin Angelika aside my grandma at the campground a few years ago. When I was a kid my grandmother fought and beat breast cancer. Her sister recently battled and beat breast cancer (my great aunt). Years later she was diagnosed with brain, bone, and I believe liver cancer as well. This woman never smoked, drank heavily, she was always healthy. That's why I believe cancer kills the Angels. Emphazemia kills those who brought it to themselves. 

      My mother and her four siblings requested they not tell the time she has left. Hospice came shortly after. The last night I saw her she was non responsive. She could still hear. I touched her arm and told her I loved her. My hands are always freezing, so she had to have heard me. I've never seen somebody so dead in the eyes. 

      I'm nervous to see my mother cry tomorrow at the funeral. That's when I have to swallow my pity and show my pride. 
     I'm writing this 45-minutes before I'm leaving to the showing. Something I feel more confident handling. 

      Grandma, you made the best scrambled eggs. Before you even thought death was near you were already an angel. Everybody loves you, hence you have no enemies. Say hi to Jeremy and Alexander for me. Your middle name is always with me. Micaela Marlene is beautiful. We love you. 

Monday, January 4, 2016

2015 - Living in Detroit

      2015 was an experiment. The amount of freedom from owning my own home to living the single life made me go into super hero mode. 

       2014 I made friends with a heroin addict detoxing in a previous psych ward. 2015 I'd let him crash a few days a month the days he was sober. We never slept together which made an enjoyable friendship. However a junkie can only be as much of a friend a junkie can be. A few days a month turned into everyday for a few months. This was after a fellow musician moved himself in. Then came my beautiful friend Janis.

      I'll never forget the night my friend Janis moved out. That night a tiny girl my musician buddy knew came by to hangout. They went to the bathroom and I heard the shower. Assumed he was getting laid, whatever. About an hour later I noticed water running from under the bathroom door. What I saw after opening that door was my junkie friend in shock, and the tiny girl laying on the floor. I turned to the shower, and there laid my musician buddy with water running on him. 

"I don't know what happened they must have OD'd! Call 911 I have warrants I'll be back in an hour". 

      I begged that junkie to stay, help, because I had no idea what to do. After calling 911 they told me to get him out of the tub and lay them both flat. I didn't think it'd be so hard getting a limp body out of a tub. When I spoke to him his eyes rolled back, purple lips, green face. The paramedics had to chop my bathroom door off since he was so tall. Two men carried the tiny girl like a princess to my living room. One man dragged my friend by one arm into the living room. They asked all this info about the little bitch dying on the floor. I dumped her purse out and syringes poured all over along with an ID and healing stone. If I hadn't been there I truly believe my friend wouldn't have been revived. I kept telling them I didn't care if that girl dies on my floor to help my friend. They found dope in her pocket, karma's a bitch.

      My buddy returned in a hospital gown and blanket later that night. I've never been so happy to feel a heartbeat in a hug. It was hours ago he was almost dead.

       Yes, he and my junkie friend continued to live with me. Making them junkie 1 and now junkie 2. 

      The police once told me "hang around the barber shop long enough you're gonna get a haircut". I didn't want a haircut yet I lived with two barbers. Junkie 1 was kicked out after stealing my medication on my birthday. Junkie 2 was kicked out after I grew a pair and learned to lock my windows. 

      Junkie 1 was doing good last we spoke. Admitted himself to a long term rehab. Clean for 3-months before hand while incarcerated from turning himself in for the warrants. That's the last I want to speak to him. Knowing after doing all I can to help he's finally helping himself. 

      The gorgeous man aside me in the picture is half the reason I never "got a haircut". He made me his, protects me, supported me to pursue child care again, and I've even found God to an extent from our talks. This year we've begun renovating the house. The other day I woke up to three walls painted, one with a chalkboard for when I watch munchkins. He truly loves me and I truly love him. It's strange because I've never been in love. But like Janis Joplin once said "I just love being in love". 

      I'm done observing the metro Detroit junkies. Enough data has been collected.  I've got so much more to pursue for my own future and mental health. Plus as my brother always tells me "You can't save the world Micaela". He's right, I can only save myself.