Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Cereal killer

      French Toast Crunch is back!? Similar to the excitment seeing Count Chocula for sale way before fall. This cereal was my shit as a kid. Give me a bowl, I'd kill it before the bus came. 
Ma, how do they make mini French toasts? 


      Before heading to get groceries (and a toilet seat..I broke my toilet seat - don't ask) we stopped at Five Below where I got my man sound proof headphones. Watching him grocery shop dancing around was amusing. Asking him questions concerning shopping, not so much. 

      What's your childhood cereal?


  1. Lucky Charms, Rice Krisbies (sp?) and Smacks. OMG I want some Lucky Charms and Smacks now!!! throw me a box :P

  2. Lucky Charms. I love them! Also Trix.

    We totally bought French Toast Crunch last month.

  3. All my friends love that cereal, I've never actually tried it! I'm more of a Peanut Butter Crunch girl ;)

  4. Omg Military Husband didn't know this! I will look for it!!

  5. I cannot keep my fav cereal in the house. French Toast Crunch is definitely on the banned list. I kid you not, I could eat an entire box of Cocoa Pebble in one sitting.

    1. Heard that. When I chow down captain crunch...that aftertaste kills.