Saturday, January 30, 2016

OOTD gone horribly wrong

While attempting an OOTD post, I couldn't get past picture two.

"Wait why do you need me to get you at certain angles!?"
- The boyfriend
Jealousy at its best

He wouldn't finish the shoot. Side note, he does hate this outfit as he claims it's "too 90's". The pictures that actually came out didn't show my outfit fully. As you can see above, he snapped a slick shot of my frustration.

The necklace I'm wearing is one of my wrapped healing stones. Wish i could share a better quality pic as planned..My cousin got me into the joy of making jewelry with healing crystals. He supplied the stone I'm wearing, and I made my first wire wrap pendant. I'm soon to open my Etsy shop with many to choose from! 

These adorable Hello Kitty moccasins I wore in an OOTD last year for eShakari . Still rocking them! They were a present from my step-dad Christmas 2014. 

There you have it. My madness in an OOTD gone wrong.


  1. Love your pic! You are so pretty...and funny :)

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks! They came in black too. Couldn't pass up my chance to be Pocahontas style though, haha.

  3. Oh my god those Hello Kitty shoes are awesome, I had to squint to see that they were actually little cats on it! Yeah ootds can be tricky that's for darn sure!

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    1. Thanks, I'm still in love with them too haha. OOTD posts get the best of me...