Saturday, February 27, 2016

Little rock store

      It's tough finding punk and rock clothing for our munchkins. Sure, you can find a Misfits or Bob Marley screen printed shirt size 4T. Thanks to little rock store, you can find official certified band merchandise for kids of all ages and sizes. They even have mommy/daddy & me marching band t-shirts. As many of you know, I'm not a mother. I am a child-care provider with many younger cousins to care for. Little rock store was kind enough to send me a complimentary kids clothing piece for one of those munchkins.

      My 8-year-old cousin Angelika loves this Bob Marley zip-up track jacket style sweater. It's a size 7 (kids) made with 100% organic cotton. Comfy fit and comfy sweater. Angelika can vouch, as she was home sick when she received the present. Not too sick to model though which she was having loads of fun doing. 
      "Wait, I get to keep this AND be a model for it!?"

      Yes, Angelika. Now strike a pose. 

      You can see the side shows authenticity, as well as the back just above Marley's portrait shown in above picture. This lovely piece is orange with a brown trim and zipper. We've got a little rasta child over here. The collar can be fully zipped for neck warmth on those "I'm wearing a pony tail" days. It's just thick enough for those windy days. 

      As you can see, she loves her new sweater. I'm now in love with the shop for multiple reasons. Fast international shipping, 100% authentic band attire, and reasonable prices. You can get your munchkin this same hoodie for just over $30. If you'd like a matching sweater they have adult options too. When choosing I almost got suckered into the matching Metallica T-shirts. Thank you Little Rock Store, from both Angelika and myself

      Check out Little Rock Store only found online for yourself. What's your favorite clothing piece? 


  1. Aw this is so cute!! Hahaha I love it. Bob Marley for babies!

    1. They literally have it for babies ahaha, I love it!

  2. She's adorable and that was so sweet of you to get her that rockin' jacket! "Now strike a pose" I love it!

    1. She struck quite a pose. My boyfriend's like "She doesn't look 8, why you teaching her that!?"
      She did it on her own. Haha.