Saturday, March 26, 2016

Ton of Strength cuff review

      My cousin started selling Avon, so I bought this lovely elephant bracelet. Normally $20, got it on sale for $9.99. I'm in love with elephants, as they symbolize strength. If their tusks are raised they supposedly symbolize luck.That's what grasps my attention most. The way they all connect with raised tusks. Also lowered tails, kinda a human centipede look. No no - I'm kidding. Like most bands, I had to adjust it so it's stable on my wrist. Overall I'd give this a 9/10 star rating. Have you purchased jewelry from Avon?


Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Video game commentary - an outsiders view

      The significant other and I have been getting down with this GameCube the neighbors gave us before moving. Watching him play Resident Evil Zero was quite entertaining. First off, I had no idea the game was based on killing zombie creatures. Shows my non-gamer reputation. Pretty sure if you shoot a zombie in the face 3688795 times it should be dead. Not in this game. Pretty sure bugs don't crawl out of their body to wrap you up in horror. Whatever the t-virus is, it's done fucked up. Created (by accident?) while experimenting with biological war-fare. 

      What kind of sick biological warfare if this!?

      I couldn't find a screen shot for the particular scene, but at the beginning a man (Captain...?) flys through the window. The girl character asks wtf just happened. The man replies rambling on "They will get you, it's dangerous here, etc etc". No, not the answer to the question. How and why in the hell did you just fly through the window? Were you pushed, or are you insane and jumped through glass? 
Little bizzare to me. 

      There you have it. Video game commentary from a non-gamer. Have you played Resident Evil Zero? 

Monday, March 21, 2016

The living space you've always wanted

      As a child-care provider my living room is dedicated to the munchkins. The main room we've created into our living room. The one I imagined having only in my dreams kinda like having my personal dance studio. As you can see, my beautiful longboard is put on display when I'm not using it. We plan to get another for decoration since we know I'll wear out this one. The Pink Floyd puzzle in display look familiar? Glued that sucker and put them booties on display. The top right corner is a canvas painting by my significant other's mother, of her mother. The canvas cat in the middle left I like to point out as my fat cat looking at cheese. The 4-year-old I babysit laughed her ass off when I told her. 
      Mini pictures not seen well include the Detroit skyline, a kawaii bear puking cupcakes, and my favorite...the girl lighting a cigarette with a Hanukkah candle. 

      Another partial finished wall. We have backlights so we're addicted to these bright posters. They're the kind of picture with the black fuzzy fabric that kids color in with marker. Of course these ones are printed at a local shop. The top right mouse is my favorite. He's smoking, sees a nice bigger fatty, but in a mouse trap. However, it's wrapped in the American flag. America's a trap, that's what I got out of it. The middle left I found on eBay for $1.78 free shipping. It's all the constellations, with the zodiac pointed out and connected. Also glows in the dark, and looks badass under the lights. 

      What's your taste when it comes to interior decor? 

Sunday, March 20, 2016

Living the boring life

      When you're broke with no vehicle you've got to get creative. For instance making Mac and cheese with queso sauce actually really good. I'd rather have some tortilla chips though. 

      Our neighbors recently moved and gave us their old game cube and Nintendo 64. Been watching the significant other zone into Luigi's Manson. While I kick his ass with Yoshi in super smash bros.

      Life's been boring yet filled with stress. Can't wait for the legal side of things to get settled so I can live normally again. 

Saturday, March 19, 2016

Hemp wraps for Etsy

      I've been on/off obsessively experimenting with friendship bracelet wraps. I've come to favor certain string, twine, etc...These are four of my completed hemp wrapped bracelets. Stocking up for my Etsy shop that I keep procrastinating but say will be open soon. Neutrals look better than colors with hemp in my opinion. If you'd like to learn how to make a wrap of your own, click on the DIY page (by "home" on top) for a tutorial. 

      I've come to the conclusion my shop will begin with hemp wraps, wire wraps, and wire wrapped healing stones. Polymer clay is another favorite of mine. Eventually I'll be stocking up with clay to work with. Resin...I'm in stock of, but still experimenting with different molds. Do you get crafty/how so?

Thursday, March 17, 2016

Cheap Easter fix

      If you're a last minute holiday shopper like myself, here's a quick gift to put together. Made two of these for the two littleun's I sit for. Overall I used five items for $5. 

      This lovely little basket was under a dollar! Includes an egg shaped area in black to write a message I blurred mine out. I love the sparkly "Happy Easter" background! 

      The goodies include chocolate covered peeps, nail polish, and a mini decor bouquet. If a gift includes candy, I will end up eating it. Therefore I got peeps. 

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Chill without the pill

      1000 piece puzzles were never my thing. However, my significant other happens to love them. I assisted a good 10-pieces before the Pink Floyd booties were completed. The paintings are from left to right album covers for Atom Heart Mother, Relics, Dark Side of the Moon, Wish You Were Here, The Wall, and Animals. 

      While going through psych issues, you have to find those happy places. Mine include hula hooping, wire wrapping, hemp wrapping, and occasionally drawing. My significant other's includes puzzles, drawing among various arts, and harassing our cat. 

      What keeps you from killing the world? 

Monday, March 14, 2016

Styrofoam and lapis

      When you walk into Meijer at midnight and find this in the craft isle. We chose to take a pic, with no care to pick it up. Later I had to return to the same isle, forgot my poster set down on one of the shelves. A worker was stocking while a man stares in shock, and casually kicks the balls apart. 

      I've been a sucker for healing stones. Today my minor mania came out and I decided to rip off my necklace and chuck it. Here's how I know I'm learning to control my mania, my intentions were to rip off a necklace I had on from a coin machine (at Meijer). Of course it happened to be my wrapped stone instead, first one I made...Apparently I threw it into a black hole, so I quickly wrapped up a new one. This particular stone is Lapis. Helps with inner control and love in a nutshell. Had to tear apart a different wire wrap to create this one, but the stone itself is gorgeous! Once I find my wire, I'll be back working on wraps (that actually look presentable) for my Etsy shop. 

Friday, March 11, 2016

Everybody should have the right to vote

      Here in 'Merica voting is a controversial subject. In multiple ways. Either you love it, or you hate it. Some believe it's fixed. Like my 8th grade volleyball team. Totally should have made the team. This isn't middle school, this is a country. Your daddy can't threaten the country to get you presidency. Even if he can get you on the volleyball team in middle school using that method.

      I'm not interested in talking politics, especially with readers. Don't get me wrong, I'd love to hear your arguments! I just refuse to state who I personally voted for or even which party. 

      Everybody isn't given the right to vote. Obviously if you're incarcerated, but even some of the free. Somebody close to me brought me to vote preliminary. It was their first time voting so we thought. Instead they had to wait as I voted because they have a felony. That's bullshit. 

      What are your thoughts on felons and voting, should they have the right?

Monday, March 7, 2016

Hula hoops and longboards

      Monday was a beautiful day. The weather warmed up, so the man and I brought the longboard and hula hoops to a local park. For some reason the wind decided to kick in just as we arrived. Didn't stop us from enjoying the sun while we can! 

      While my man took the longboard on the path I enjoyed the space under the pavilion with my hoops. Somebody confronted me asking if they could take a video. Those are the little things that boost my self confidence

      We've got a multi tasker behind me. 

      Brought along side walk chalk for my hands while off-body hooping. Also drew a hula hooping lady couldn't help myself. 

      How do you enjoy your days while off work? 

Sunday, March 6, 2016

Why babies and silver are a dangerous mixture

      In a car seat commercial I overheard a woman say "you know you shouldn't have a baby touch silver?". What the shit kind of statement is this, and why is it that important to state in a 30 second commercial for car seats? It's complete irrelevant to the product and sounds bizarre. So, I googled that shit. 

      Colloidal silver can be used as an antibiotic. Before modern antibiotics, families with enough riches to afford silver realized it had health benefits. They would give their baby a silver spoon to suck on. That's where the insult "born with a silver spoon in your mouth" originated from. After modern antibiotics came into play, silver supplements started to disappear. Before completely disappearing we've found that over-exposure of silver or silver dust can cause argyria
      For example, the man that turned blue. Some dumbass self medicated for a skin condition using his homemade colloidal silver. After a decade his skin turned a blue-gray color. Most extreme symptom of argyria. 

      Babies are more at risk of any illness than an adult, or teen. No matter your riches, having your baby suck on a silver spoon probably isn't the best idea. However, it may be less risky of a way to get rid of an infection than over the counter medications. It's the little things.

      Is this a known fact, or is it also bizzare to you?

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Weight loss

      Once upon a time I weighed 230lbs. Can't show a picture of myself at my biggest, because I never took pictures. Within a 2-year period I went down to 120lbs. I don't look too healthy in either of the pictures shown. Currently I'm 140lbs, which is a healthy BMI for my height. How did I do it? 

     The amount of time dancing per day with a weighted prop. Prop of choice, my hula hoop.

      Lots of stretching and yoga. In 2011 my mother got me the WiiFit, in return gaining experience with yoga. Eventually started teaching myself more strength than stretch poses.

      More dancing with props! I kid you not, my arms were pretty damn muscular while learning poi. Poi isn't my favorite of circus arts, but has its benefits.

      Exercise and tons of water is/was my main focus. During my years of weight loss I ate a vegan diet. However, nutrition is something I'm still working on. Never would have thought I'd lose as much weight as I have. Especially by hula hooping. If you're interested in circus arts, be sure to check out how to make your own weighted hula hoop in an upcoming post.