Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Kawaii flower child

      Baking and cooking is a talent I've never grasped. This past weekend celebrating at my dad's I planned to bake muffins, frost them, and add cute sprinkles. Aiming for a kawaii look. I seriously bought three packets of muffin mix so I could do test runs. Frosting was way too sweet! These were the last batch but only made six...

      While at the pops my brother's girlfriend brought along her new pup. Meet Bear, who eventually passed out from playing in the acres of land with fellow pups. 

      On Memorial Day we visited my grandpa (who's a veteran). His garden had grapes and strawberries. A few strawberries started showing, I've never seen them in the process of growing. He questioned if I had anything growing at home. I replied "...I grow flowers". Of course he said he's not surprised, as I'm a flower child. Haha. Puns. 

Saturday, May 28, 2016

The breeze

      It's been rather hot lately here in Michigan. There's a nice breeze which makes it less dreadful. Not only dreadful heat, but dreadful wind. Wind sucks trying to flow outside. A nice breeze however...fancy that. 
      Experimenting with various palm spins (snapped a nice shot spinning mid air). Also working on flexibility. I'll post my progress this summer (hopefully with other circus arts too).

      Comment a song and I'll pick one for my next hoop video. 

Monday, May 23, 2016

OOTD | My typical outfit

      Can't miss me walking down the road. This is honestly the favorite of my outfit options at the moment, and I do laundry a lot. I've been experimenting with the fishtail braid lately, but let my hair air dry for the post. I need more hair options. 

      Top The Road Show
      Bottoms Dollar Castle 
      Shoes Target 

      My obsession with elephants has grown since my last note on that. Love the turquoise too. A local store sells random art locally made and also corporate manufactured and really anything. Got this my last trip there. Usually browsing for black light room posters. Local stores are typically the best. My only complaint is who you might run into. Do you favor a local shop? 

Sunday, May 22, 2016

The weather outside is weather

       Recently posted about my brain growing kit. I successfully have sprouts, I made life! So far only little sprouts...lets hope they live to become flowers. 

      Thanks to the weather I've been able to enjoy the outdoors. Catching up with some tricks one shouldn't attempt indoors. Not sure if I've wrote about how uncomfortable it is living in this neighborhood. The other day George Glass and I rode the longboard to the corner store. This is actually a huge accomplishment with the social issues. 

      How's your weekend going?

Thursday, May 19, 2016

That one fellow

      At 3-years-old my dance experience began. By the time I reached elementary school, it was known that I was a dancer. These past couple years I've reacquainted with old friends, who see I'm still at it with dancing. A little over a year ago, a dude I knew growing up started liking a bunch of my hooping videos and pictures. Eventually led to your typical "Sup girl, how you doin'?" message. Usually I wouldn't mind this. This particular fellow though...

      Back in 2nd grade this particular fellow had an older sister who was part of the same dance studio. Recital time was only a couple weeks away. Decided to approach him in class saying to look for me, and what song I was. His reply 
"I don't care. I'm only going to see my friends". 
      After explaining that's why I was informing him he replied 
"Yeah but you're not my friend, so I don't really care". 
      I never forgot this. Which is why I never gave him the time of day. It's crazy how I actually remembered. Some shit sticks, so watch your mouth. Even in 2nd grade.

Thursday, May 12, 2016

Planting brains

      Recently I expressed my feelings towards gardening. As an amateur, scoped out a "brain growing kit" at Five Below. 

      Let me just express my love for Five Below for a moment. Every dollar store I've came across excluded name brand toys. This place has name brand, collectibles, houseware, beauty products, clothes...all for $5 or under. 

      The amateur planting kit included a disk that turns into soil after adding water. After mixing it into a soil, you sprinkle on the packet of seeds. 

      At first I thought I'd been gypped. The seeds were tiny as hell dots. Looked like dirt specks. 

      Still sprinkled them on, putting a layer of clear wrap over the top secured with a rubber band. Currently they're chilling on a window sill waiting to grow into cockscomb flowers. Comes from the Greek word meaning "dry piece of wood" (wtf?). During Victorian times, they represented silliness, humor, and warmth. Just what I need. 

      Do you have any experience with growing kits from FiveBelow? 

Monday, May 9, 2016

Criminal chicks

      My ma got baby chicks a few days ago. Met the lil chicks while visiting her on Mother's Day. They're about to transfer to a chicken coupe. Or wherever chicks live before they're chickens. Anyways, it's cute that they're trying to fly occasionally. 

      At the movie theatre with my significant other, we had no luck successfully finding ice caps in the candy. Somebody's pacifier was an option. No ice caps. I'm rarely at the movie's. We chose a movie called Criminal. They transferred top secret political info into a criminally insane man's brain. Since he had frontal lobe damage due to insanity, he was the only human option. As you'd imagine, it was entertaining watching how that plan worked out for 'em. I give it a B-. 

Saturday, May 7, 2016

Allegedly April showers bring May flowers

      My ma's a gardening type gal. Never favored the bugs myself, or gave a shit about planting stuff. Every earth day in elementary school we planted a tree. Scoping out your BFFs from other classes to stand by during the "ceremony" was the only part I cared for.           
     This weekend ma came with some flowers to plant. The previous owners already had red tulips (which are one of my favorite flowers) but they're depressed, or shy. All I know is they're not vain. Last year they didn't even bloom. This year they did, but already dying. The neighbors flower beds are no better than mine, and half have the same tulips blooming beautifully! 
      However, we put some carnations next to them. They're pretty color and smell good. Never knew carnations smelled from what I remember. We did some other stuff, but I wanted to show the lack of motivation in the tulips. 
      On a last note, im starting to not mind planting flowers.