Thursday, May 19, 2016

That one fellow

      At 3-years-old my dance experience began. By the time I reached elementary school, it was known that I was a dancer. These past couple years I've reacquainted with old friends, who see I'm still at it with dancing. A little over a year ago, a dude I knew growing up started liking a bunch of my hooping videos and pictures. Eventually led to your typical "Sup girl, how you doin'?" message. Usually I wouldn't mind this. This particular fellow though...

      Back in 2nd grade this particular fellow had an older sister who was part of the same dance studio. Recital time was only a couple weeks away. Decided to approach him in class saying to look for me, and what song I was. His reply 
"I don't care. I'm only going to see my friends". 
      After explaining that's why I was informing him he replied 
"Yeah but you're not my friend, so I don't really care". 
      I never forgot this. Which is why I never gave him the time of day. It's crazy how I actually remembered. Some shit sticks, so watch your mouth. Even in 2nd grade.


  1. Awwww you look so cute in your genie costume!!

    You go girl. I still remember an incident like that from kindergarten....

    1. Thanks Mich!
      Haha it's the little things

  2. Well at that age, boys are usually awful to girls. And the story goes that ones who are mean to you then were the ones who liked you. I don't think I ever was though, I was shy and nice from what I remember.

    1. Honestly he was always an asshole, until high school ended. Haha.


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