Tuesday, June 28, 2016

The female Peter Pan

    If only kids truly knew how envious adults are of them. How much they can do while still in school. I wish my biggest problem in life could be the day I decided to go down the slide backwards. Not legal issues. No hospital stays. 

      Whether or not the fall hurt, it's still a shock. A nifty test to see if a toddler is actually crying in pain...fake cry with them. They'll stop and laugh if they're okay.

      Older sister went down the slide, falling onto the little one. Teaching her how to properly play. If only I could be a kid again...

Monday, June 27, 2016

Just keep swimming

      Only once have I swam in a pool the past 6-years. If a kid pool counts. Busted this bad boy out and closed up the sand box. Luckily this summer they didn't put sand in the pool or water in the sand box. No bath time needed! 
      I've been sitting these munchkins over a year now. Still can't get sick of them. 

      For the longest time I've hated when kids splash water in the tub/pool. While sitting in this tiny pool I realized why kids splash so much. 
Because it's f*^%ing awesome. 

Friday, June 24, 2016

Song suggestions needed

      Yesterday made a new hoop video! You can view it on my Facebook page. Two song suggestions so far for the next video I share

      Give me some songs to pick from. I'll pick out of a hat after getting at least five

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Classy to trashy

      James Bonsack had no idea what he was creating. Well, obviously he knew what he invented. Only a psychopath killer would create a tobacco rolling machine. 
      Joe Camel is a psychopath. Found a loop hole with how to become the best sold. A little chemical X. I mean nicotine. 

      I like sparklers, who the hell doesn't? This might be my coping skill when visiting a non-smoking household full of smokers. Only sometimes. It would get annoying after awhile. 

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

National yoga day

      Yesterday on Facebook it was National yoga day. I'm thinking "Huh...I'm gonna take a pic doing that crow pose thing". Knowing I had previously taken a picture doing the same pose, I hunted through my Facebook pictures for it. 

While one hunts for old pictures on Facebook

      So many timeline photos....
      So many mobile uploads....
      Maybe I should just make albums...
      "Shit. Went too far, f*cking passed it..."

      Whelp. I found it. First thoughts were I gained more booty, and let my natural hair color stay. Showed George Glass. Said I looked exactly the same. Found his reaction peculiar. Maybe because I literally look exactly the same with my hair bun, clothing, and posture


Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Lucky ducks

      During a red light, a family of ducks started walking down the crosswalk. How curtious. The light turned green. Their little feet could only make it half way. Thinking I'm about to see road kill and have demented thoughts the next month, nobody took off. 

      Here in Michigan you'll find traffic horrendous, and the biggest asshole of drivers. Hence I don't drive. 

      The ducks made it 3/4 across the highway before an asshole driver skids past everybody fast as hell. 

      Heading directly towards the ducks. 

      He nearly hit them. It was all so fast yet the ducks dodged him. No more than an inch from death. Everybody honks their horns at the asshole, scream profanity, continuing to let the ducks cross. 

      We have to keep in mind a big heart isn't rare. 

       We must also keep in mind a cold heart isn't rare either

Monday, June 20, 2016

Peace of mind

      These three keys will bring stability, balance, and peace of mind. 

      One to make you money

      I've always had a wild imagination. Learned a few years ago having imaginary friends is an illness? As a child I had many real and imaginary friends. Since a kid I'd daydream about the future or past, and how I'd change it. Aside an imagination comes children. What makes me money? Childcare

      One to keep you in shape

      Half a year on the WiiFit I shed 15lbs. That summer hula hooping came into my life. In result, shed 100lbs. Dancing was always my favorite sport, and keeps me in good shape. 
*Nutritional cooking should be an additional hobby to keep me in shape...

      One to be creative

      The creativity in me shifts. One week I'm hemp wrapping, the next I'm painting. Obviously, creative writing is a favored art!

      What makes you money?

      What keeps you fit/healthy?

      What brings your creativity out

Sunday, June 19, 2016

Family of munchkins

      This girl right here has no previous piano experience. She learned 'Stand by me" within an hour. #skillz
      You love this kids keyboard and you know it. This "meowsic" piano has options to play with various sounds. Including the key of meows.  

      My other cousin got down with the hula hoops. 

"Wait, Micaela! I bet I can do all the hula hoops!"

Kid wasn't joking. He spun two hoops successfully beforehand. Only 5-years-old!

      After my PS1 Power Puff girls game wouldn't load surprise surprise, they got down with GTA 2. The three of us had no idea how to play. It's George Glass's, who had to leave. Now we have to learn the game. 

      On our own. 

      Not gonna lie, these munchkins taught me how to play GTA (basics). When George Glass returned they had proper assistance. 

* Side note...I didn't get the childcare position I applied for (see previous post). Opportunities with both child and pet care have popped up, and I'm determined to nail the interviews.*

Friday, June 17, 2016

Killing time

      Due to being 30mins early to an interview (obnoxiously early), George Glass and I chilled at a park nearby. Had this adorable log cabin. Probably old as trains. Not sure, I couldn't read the info thing without getting dangerously close. 
Dangerous because I'm clumsy. If I sneezed the place could fall like the three little piggie's house of sticks. 
      Has anybody read the book written by the big bad wolf? It's his justification for the alleged attacks towards the pigs. Read it.

      Aside the log cabin was a wishing well. Of course I went all Snow White and wanted a pic by it. George Glass knows how to avoid the whole "I look fat, my hairs jacked up" thing by taking 468645 pics. Can't complain about that! I'll know at least one will turn out good. 

      Though, he doesn't stop until the phone is officially in my hands. 

Thursday, June 16, 2016

3 ingredient sugar cookies

      Last night (okay, every night) I started feening for sweets. Found an awesome 3 ingredient sugar cookies recipe! Personally suck at cooking and baking, so this is my kinda recipe. 

- 1 stick + 2tbs of butter
- 1/3 cup sugar
- 1 cup flour

• Heat oven to 325 (F)

• With electric mixer mix the butter and sugar until creamy.

• Mix in flour with fork

• Use spoon (I used a soup spoon) to make 1in balls about 2in apart on cookie sheet

*Sprinkle on sprinkles

• Bake on middle rack for 15 -17 minutes

      Voila! Now you can whip up some cookies. The ends were crispy, with a soft middle. Perfect for those in the moving in process. Or if you suck in the kitchen like myself. 

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

A few of my favorite things

     Gotta love shops on Etsy for unique art. This summer I'd enjoy having more dance clothing. Casual dance clothing, not costume apparel. So here's a few I whipped up to share.  

Shark leggings by AkuaCreative

Crochet top by MindfulKnotsByKate

Flow shorts by SamadhiCollection 

Woven leggings by SamadhiCollection 

Hooded wrap by SamadhiCollection

Friday, June 10, 2016

Creativity at its best

      Maybe it's just me, but the accidents kids make while in their creative mode astonish me. The two toddler girls I watch whipped up this lovely drawing on my chalkboard wall. The middle looks like an eyeball. On the right, I see a dude with no face. What do you see?

      In love with my new lovely leggings. As hard as it can be to match I still love distinct bottoms. Zentangle art is a favorite. My dentist and her office lady loved them. Eventually fessed up and told where I got them Dollar Castle

      Speaking of dentist, had this back molar pulled the other day. Dental pain is the only pain I'll cry myself to sleep from. Rushed into the office after severe pain finding out I have a dry socket. She cleaned out the socket and put a plug in. Basically a tampon for your socket. Much relief came along. 

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Dear valet dude

      Late 2014 I was in pickle. The whole summer I spent an hour away from home with a friend. By home, I mean where my family's located. My psychological status was horrible. My meds also a tad off. A few months go by, and I'm about to be stuck into moving two hours away from home with my buddy's family. Literally in BFE.  

      It was in result of a mental game I didn't want to play anymore. Because at this point if I don't quit, I lose. My buddy and I already made it to BFE. Therefore I was still playing the damn game
Annnnnnnnnd, the mania broke loose. 

      While in a waiting room with my friend and his mom I got impatient, and requested to wait in the car. Just chill and have a cigarette (or five). His mom gave the okay. However, I had to get the key from the valet outside. The valet dude told me he needs to see ID of the person who owns the car before releasing anything. 

      All I remember from then on is storming through the sliding doors to get her to show ID. Next thing I recall I'm furious waiting in the car. Smoking cigarettes. Screaming at this poor valet dude....screaming horrible insults. I dont even know this dude. Which made the insults unlimited. Got to the point police came to the car asking me to stop.
A maniac doesn't stop. A maniac doesn't have control. Homeboy eventually had to switch out shifts with a different worker.

*The next memory I can recall is at my friends residence, while police came and escorted me to an ER. I was then admitted to a psych ward (near home luckily). Nothing valet related.*

      I'd like to take this opportunity to apologize to the poor valet dude. You were chillin, nothing serious to do besides collect keys. Making dough for the week. Got cut short on the dough because you had to leave early. All because a crazy little red head had to throw the mania at somebody. Even though I blacked out throughout the night, I'm pretty sure you didn't even do shit...besides need an ID of the car owner. 
      Sorry dude. 

Thursday, June 2, 2016

Tea party tots

      "Would you like to adventure now, or shall we have our tea first?" 
- Peter Pan

       As one would assume, a toddler does their best to accomplish getting actual liquids into the tea party play equipment. The older sister (of the two little girls I watch) always pulls a "just gonna go potty with the tea cup, and use the sink the whole time". 
      I was the same way. I feel where the girl's coming from.

Last time I watched them

"So, y'all wanna have a tea party outside?"


"No I mean like...one with real tea". 

      Assumed I only had green tea, figured they'd hate that shit. Had some Double spice chai black tea packets. Ripped one open filled with a sweet cinnamon scent.

      A little cream, a little sugar, we had a successful tea party.