Sunday, June 19, 2016

Family of munchkins

      This girl right here has no previous piano experience. She learned 'Stand by me" within an hour. #skillz
      You love this kids keyboard and you know it. This "meowsic" piano has options to play with various sounds. Including the key of meows.  

      My other cousin got down with the hula hoops. 

"Wait, Micaela! I bet I can do all the hula hoops!"

Kid wasn't joking. He spun two hoops successfully beforehand. Only 5-years-old!

      After my PS1 Power Puff girls game wouldn't load surprise surprise, they got down with GTA 2. The three of us had no idea how to play. It's George Glass's, who had to leave. Now we have to learn the game. 

      On our own. 

      Not gonna lie, these munchkins taught me how to play GTA (basics). When George Glass returned they had proper assistance. 

* Side note...I didn't get the childcare position I applied for (see previous post). Opportunities with both child and pet care have popped up, and I'm determined to nail the interviews.*


  1. Hahah kids are awesome! Military Husband LOVES the new GTA.

    1. The graphics from GTA 2 to 3 are amazingly done!
      GTA 5? Lucky ducks!

  2. I hated GTA 2, I can't see crap in that game.

  3. The action photo of your cousin with the hula hoops is classic.