Monday, July 25, 2016


"No fear
No distractions 
Let that which does not truly matter slide."


Sometimes we need to run away. Sometimes I literally want to run, not caring where I end up. It's been exactly a year since life became a living nightmare. Instead of running I go to my happy place. 

A memory. 
From childhood.

I feel the bottom of the shallow pool
I smell fresh air
I taste lemonade
I see the favored tree right outside the fence
I hear the splashing

Open my eyes remembering reality was, and can again, be amazing.

Saturday, July 23, 2016

Lose yourself

Into the forest I go, to lose my mind and find my soul. 


A few years back while chilling with a friend, her dad claimed I'm just showing off with my hula hoop. That's the last impression I want to make. That's the last thing I need on my mind when hooping.  
At the park my "audience" consisted of homeless guys by the picnic table area, and an elder on a bike with his shirt rolled up 90's style. For the first time in awhile, nothing mattered when I danced

That moment when you get to lose yourself. 

Saturday, July 16, 2016


      Met up with the toddler, baby, and mother at a local park for a child care interview earlier. I was 25-minutes late. Blame uber. The interview was awkwardly interrupted by a girl scheduled to meet half an hour after me...she had her go bond with the toddler for the meantime. As we wrap things up, she has me watch the baby while she interviews the other chick.
      While doing so the baby kept starring at the other man with his toddler in the swing. Talking in a foreign language while pushing his son. Counting...un, deux, twas, quatre....I interrupt "cinq, six, sept, huit, neuf, dix!". He was French. Great way to kill time while with a baby. Learn more French. 

      Time goes by, I hear her wrap things up with the other girl. Just as the baby reached for me to be held I'd caught the toddler out my preffreal vision. Went to her stroller, tilted her head and sucked her thumb impatiently. With the baby I went over to her. The mother said that's never happened before, she usually rebels leaving the park.

      Gave the baby to her mother and approached the munchkin. Knelt down, put out my hand, and introduced myself. She shook my hand.  

      Once asking if she wanted to hula hoop, the littleun' jumped out of her stroller all like 'hellll yeahhhh'
     She kept having her mom do it who did, requested to jump through it while someone holds it up, and of course attempted around her waist. 


Have yet to hear back, as there's more people to interview. 

Thursday, July 14, 2016

Tastes at the moment

Still into that murder rap. Having a taste for reggae lately. 

Living in a post-apocalyptic world due to the complete loss of Internet.
Check out the author's blog A Beer for the Shower.

Creative writing, baking (still horrible), and jewlery making. 

Why the hell would I talk politics on my blog? 

Circus arts of course! This month is my 5-year-hoopiversary. I've messed with poi in the past. Now giving it a shot with double hoops vs. weighted tassels. 

Something random that happened this week
Learned card tricks. One of the two card tricks literally is magic. I have no friggen idea how it actually works. Every. Single. Time. 

Feel free to join in and post your at the moment tastes. Try to link back to Mind Your Madness. 

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Forearm stand

      Wish I had a progress picture, like I do with the crow pose. Imagine this, but with a wall to assist my balance. Now you see a successful forearm stand.

      You're not putting any weight on your head. You're also not supposed to lift your head like I did in the first picture...

      More yoga is needed in my life. 

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

How to murder a zombie

      "Murder's out of tune, and sweet revenge grows harsh"

      Recall my recent investment from FiveBelow? It was growing, slowly but surely. Sir Panther (in-home cat sitting) had a rough time not eating it. After my trip to the hospital I came home to fault honestly. Put it within cats reach, and expected my boyfriend to water it (HAH).

      I didn't murder my beloved plant, but feel death was the sweet revenge from karma.  
      Invested in another FiveBelow plant. Yes, it honestly hurt that bad to create life and watch it disintegrate. Bad enough to invest in these clovers. Let's see a four leafer sprout! In my dreams...

Sunday, July 10, 2016

Oliver and company

"As I kid we'd ride around Uncle Cleo's 88 acre farm in Kentucky. I fell in love with that tractor when I was a little kid. I remember one time when we just drove down, uncle Cleo came over the hill and I swore Oliver smiled at me when I saw him. Funny the things that kids see."
- My pops

      Once upon a time in 1957 my great grandpa invested in a (this) super 55 Oliver. After he passed, my Uncle Cleo inherited it. Cleo lived on the farm his whole life. No running water, electricity, had an outhouse, truly a southern hearted man

      Pops decided to give it a slick paint job in 2003 at his shop here in Detroit. Cleo wouldn't use it, claiming it's too shiny (U.Cleo is an adorable trip). So, he gave it back to my pops. Growing up my dad spent a lot of time on the farm with Cleo. Oliver and the farm bring some sort of nirvana to my dad. Both are gorgeous, can't doubt that. 

      After the ride was a beautiful country sky. Pops claims it's from the power of Oliver, haha. 

      Do you favor the city life, or country at heart?

Friday, July 8, 2016

Lotion for the skin

      For the summer, invested in Jergan's 3-day to natural glow lotion for the skin. As a ginger, I expected an odd color (if any) on my pasty pale skin. To my surprise, this stuff worked even for me. Literally a natural looking tan. The pigment of my skin seemed to slowly shift. No issues with hand, feet, or general color blobs. This is not sponsored content. I'm just in love. 

      Pixels blurred for better show of skin color appearance 

Unless you're a natural tanner, snatch one of these for the summer. 
Great for natural tanners to get that glow for winter seasons. 
Health too. Less tanning bed time!

Thursday, July 7, 2016

Song suggestion pick

      Song suggestions folded up. Shaken around in hat. Chose one piece. The pick was.....

      Bodies by Drowning pool

Suggested by Mich of The Bastard Henry

      Check back next week to view the video!!

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Crazy 8

Age: 14 - 23
Visits: 8

      I'm not just a broken record. Imagine a "Benny and the Jets" record broken. That's me. 

      Third stay at an adult ward. First experience having a patient go through electro shock therapy (I thought that was illegal?).

      A fellow patient had allegedly gotten kicked out smoking in his bathroom. Soooo I smuggled in a cigarette and lighter. To the bathroom I went! Lit up. Blew a little smoke outside my bathroom door. Nothing. Blew it towards the smoke detector. Nothing. Blew it outside my bedroom door. NOTHING
      Ended up having to bribe a fellow friend with Reese's to snitch. Not straight up snitch, they'd find it odd we're still chill after. So she paced the hall, complained of smoke, and the search began
      The outcome was a warning of a $500 fine. Was also offered a nicotine patch. 

      Overall I did learn a lot this round. Discovered new things, focused only on myself. Additionally, I knew I was whack beforehand. Usually I'd think I'm "normal" and ignore all the info given. Let's hope it stays at 8. I know it will.