Saturday, July 16, 2016


      Met up with the toddler, baby, and mother at a local park for a child care interview earlier. I was 25-minutes late. Blame uber. The interview was awkwardly interrupted by a girl scheduled to meet half an hour after me...she had her go bond with the toddler for the meantime. As we wrap things up, she has me watch the baby while she interviews the other chick.
      While doing so the baby kept starring at the other man with his toddler in the swing. Talking in a foreign language while pushing his son. Counting...un, deux, twas, quatre....I interrupt "cinq, six, sept, huit, neuf, dix!". He was French. Great way to kill time while with a baby. Learn more French. 

      Time goes by, I hear her wrap things up with the other girl. Just as the baby reached for me to be held I'd caught the toddler out my preffreal vision. Went to her stroller, tilted her head and sucked her thumb impatiently. With the baby I went over to her. The mother said that's never happened before, she usually rebels leaving the park.

      Gave the baby to her mother and approached the munchkin. Knelt down, put out my hand, and introduced myself. She shook my hand.  

      Once asking if she wanted to hula hoop, the littleun' jumped out of her stroller all like 'hellll yeahhhh'
     She kept having her mom do it who did, requested to jump through it while someone holds it up, and of course attempted around her waist. 


Have yet to hear back, as there's more people to interview. 


  1. I wonder what the mom will decide is more important - being 25 mins late or making an instant connection with the kid.

    Yeah, I think you got this.

    1. She told me a story about how she had a first interview and showed up way later. Has been working with that company the past decade.

  2. Je ne peux pas parler fran├žais

  3. a rubah ka adoni it sounds like you did great ! Conrats! Lay la Tov!

    Sending all my love to you!