Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Building back Belle Isle

      Back in 2011 my friend took some hoop shots for my portfolio, and hers. We chose Belle Isle for the location. At that time the island had abandoned exhibits galore. Aquarium, conservatory, train station, and the nitorious zoo, all abandoned. Successfully broke into the zoo (shown in picture)


      Attended this years Belle Isle art fair. Haven't taken a visit since my sister and I took a visit in 2012. I was aware they opened a "feed the deer" trail for kids. (deer that will die come hunting season)
      The aquarium, conservatory, and train were all re-open! Was super pumped to run into sea horses. Jelly fish too. Disappointed they had no mermaids...


      On our journey to foods we passed up a flock of brothers coooking ribs. They clearly saw we smelled the amazing food and flagged us over. Turns out they were selling tickets to purchase food. Also got homemade Arnold Palmers. Sorry Arnie...This tea was far better with had no after taste. 

      If you visit Michigan, tour Detroit. Especially Belle Isle! All exhibits are free. 
      I'm in no way suggesting breaking into the zoo or responsible for consequences of doing so.


  1. So you like to go snooping around abandoned properties too, huh? I just did that this past weekend - but my blogger friend Mich is much more experienced than I.

    Glad to hear the Belle Isle site was reopened! I've heard Detroit is on the way back; read somewhere that the owner of the Cleveland Cavaliers has been buying up a lot of property & rehabbing it. I'd go to Detroit if I had the chance. I aint skerred.

    Did you have the ribs? Brothers do ribs right.

    1. Mich is the cats meow!
      Where'd you break into?
      I'm not sure about needing Ohio's assistance besides fucking Flint. They're in need of water, bad. Very bad.
      You shouldn't watch 8-mile and then think it's okay to go snoop around 6-7 mile. Especially being from out of town. Just as much bait as your skin color.
      Hell yeah we got rib bits from the brothas! They make 'em tender and on spot.

    2. ****Thats why I post about the beautiful parts of Detroit. Not telling you not to by any means, just be cautious of where you're at.

    3. I should have just said "Mich" and assumed you knew who I was talking about since a) everyone knows Mich and b) I can see her icon right there on your friends list duh! (I really should not blog during work hours. Cant concentrate. On blogging.)

      Oh, and I've never seen 8 Mile. Not sure why, its just sort of eluded me. But I will see it someday.

    4. Haha, everybody's gotta love Mich! I owe her that hula hoop video to drowning pool.
      8-mile is a movie I feel everybody in metro Detroit and Detroit have felt obligated to watch. Then like "damn that shits on spot". Haha. When you get a chance, I highly suggest watching it! Just a good autobiography/movie in general.

  2. Sea horses are amazing. They don't look like they should be real.

  3. That would be a nice free excursion indeed. Yeah, one may want to avoid breaking in lol

    1. Always fun! I hear of one in California. Has a lions area from the 50's or something? Sounds bad ass!
      Belle Isle's is rather small.