Saturday, August 20, 2016

Potty training mini me Part II

      If you read my first potty training trick up my sleeve, you know it was a success. Perfect for the stubborn toddler!
      Thursday I grabbed my TY plush doll. Made the doll an ugly diaper and pretty pair of underwear out of felt. Made her a toilet out of an old laundry detergent cap. Added blue felt, and a safety pin for the flush handle. Mini Micaela will be responsible for potty training Maria (I named the doll Maria, yes I named a doll).
      After mini Micaela awoke from her nap, introduced her to Maria. Said Maria was scared and needs her to also sit on the toilet to comfort her. 

"I'll sit on the potty, but can you ask Maria to leave...?"

      Didn't work as planned...She requests her iPad to watch PawPatrol on the shitter. Totally works, but claims she's not done peeing after half a friggen hour. 


      Later attempted to avoid giving her the iPad so she focuses on controlling her body.

"Micaela! Can you poop for me pleaseeeeeeeeee!?"


      I'm fresh out of ideas. Besides putting red in the toilet to make orange. If you have any ideas, please do share. 


  1. I wish I could help... The only kid I ever had to potty train while nannying took to it immediately. (Apparently so did I, at 18 months, but the downside of this was that I shouted for my parents to come get me out of the crib to go pee like 20 times a night....). One of my brothers had to be bribed to finish potty training (forget which brother... he was fine going pee in the toilet, but was afraid to poop in it). My little sister was a freaking nightmare. She was changing her own diapers at age 4. We tried literally everything. Eventually it was the ridicule from her siblings and cousins that got her out of the diapers. Probably not the best route, though...

    The colour changing toilet is brilliant, I'm writing that down in case I ever have children. Good luck!

    1. The previous 3 and 4-year olds I sat for potty trained like nothing. I think this girl doesn't like pooping either. I'm getting that book "Everybody Poops" today. Haha.
      Your sister changed her own diaper, LOL!

  2. lol ipad on the shitter, I'm sure many adults do that. Never had to potty train yet. Thankfully I've only babysat kids who were out of diapers. One I babysat had a thing against flushing though.

    1. See I'd assume it's that but she hates pooping!

  3. I don't remember anyone ever using pooooop and please in one sentence :D

  4. My dog lives with me in my new house after being at my mom's forever. We take her outside on a leash to do her business as there's no fence/gate. I take her for a walk a day around the neighborhood. I try to give her time in the yard to do her thing but she yields and rushes to the road. Then she'll be walking and stop all of sudden. Then big pile of poop. And it's most of the time in front of the same house, and she has cataracts so it's unlikely she knows where she's literally at. I hope they don't notice the trend.

    1. Bahahaha!!
      Do you know the neighbors your pup chose to mark her territory?
      It depends on the environment really whether or not the neighbors understand.

      Growing up in BFE (farm land) my shiztu would cooperate going outside onto the leash. The next thing you know he's at the neighbors (which was pretty fucking far). They had a golden retriever. The two of them did once bring me a beautiful gift as a little girl!
      Dead baby bunnies.

      Maybe knock on the neighbors door, explain the situation and say you'll be outside to pick the shit up every time?