Friday, August 19, 2016

Potty training mini me

      Recently I've been a nanny for a 3-year-old girl named Micaela. Honestly think I got the job because I'm also Micaela... The position ends in the fall when she starts preschool, if she's potty trained by then. 
      She requested me to get her a bag yesterday. Wasn't satisfied with the paper bag, needed a plastic one. The kid took the plastic bag, put it under her while already sitting, and pees. Even admitted she used it to piss, and don't give a fuck about no big girl shit. 


     My ma once used that blue toilet cleaner, discovered my piss made it green. That is literally how I learned yellow and blue make green. So I took some blue finger paint and mixed it with water in her munchkin toilet. The other day we mixed primary colors with clay. She only remembered how to make pink. After informing her of this blue water, she finally went pee. Looked at the water after...


      Refused to pour it into the toilet to flush. Must show mommy and daddy at their arrival. 
      Yellow doesn't make too many other colors. This won't last long. Today I have a more long term trick up my sleeve. 


  1. I learned the blue-yellow-green thing in 1st grade art class, yours is much funnier

    1. I bet you remember an image of them combined. First thing I thought of was that lizard from the magic school bus and how he's the same color.

  2. I might have learned something today. I might :)