Monday, October 24, 2016

Micaela & Micaela Halloween talk

*While dancing in front of the mirror to the ABC'S on her boom box.*

Micaela, Halloween is coming up!

Yes it is mini me, do you know what you're gonna be?

A fire fighter!

Huh. Cool dude.

What are you going to be?

Dunno kid. Maybe a mermaid...but I mean...I'm supposed to be something, like, dead. Or a monster. Scary ya know?

A dead mermaid?

.....girrrrrl. That'd be tough. But maybe.

*While checking out of the pretend grocery store*

You still being a fire fighter for Halloween lil miss?

No, I'm being a police officer!

Ohh, sweet....

You're being a dead mermaid!?

You know it. 

*While walking her to the library*

So lil miss, you decide for Halloween yet?

I want to be Wonder Woman!

Stopped that stroller real quick

....yes...uhm. How did you hear about Wonder Woman???

She's a super hero, like daddy!

      Took our daily adventure to the library. 
      Told the librarian, checked out every Wonder Woman book in the kids section. 

      Told mini me I'd help make her costume. That all the kids her age will be peppa pig, paw patrol characters, or princesses while she's going to stand out.  Even went to the extent of stating she may get more candy for it. 
      In he end, she's being a fire fighter...her preschool doesn't allow any super hero related clothes in general. Today I may bring some supplies to make her a Wonder Woman costume while telling the story of her. 
      Maybe that will influence her to wear it trick or treating. 

      What 3-year-old in 2016 knows of Wonder Woman!? She hasn't even been in the recent DC movies. 

Still contemplating what I'm going to be...
      Any suggestions? 


  1. She changes her mind a bit, haha, maybe she saw a Wonder Woman picture somewhere.

    1. I think she got confused with a Batwoman toy she has.

  2. Haha well the new Wonder Woman movie is coming out, and she was in Batman vs Superman. Maybe she saw a trailer on tv...

    1. They don't watch TV which is why I'm confused. Still gonna see if she's down.

  3. Even if she constantly changes her mind, I love the confidence in her answers. Also, why does a preschool not allow anything superhero related? What'd WW or The Cap ever do to them?

    1. I think she changes it to show she has a say. They're not allowed because the kid might feel overpowered than the others in the class. She got in one of those high class schools.

  4. Wonder Woman is a good costume. Probably better than a fire fighter.

    Except Wonder Woman shows a lot of leg.

  5. That's awesome she's learning about wonder woman! Superheroes are great in general, but it's wonderful(ha!) there's a female one she can admire :) Hope she did go out in the wonder woman costume and she had a lot of fun :)

    Hope you're having an awesome week :)

    Away From The Blue Blog

  6. Isn't the wonder woman movie coming? They're all too violent for my 3 year old but somehow he still loves batman

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