Sunday, January 15, 2017

The snapchat epidemic

      I'm a tad out of date with the whole snapchat thing. Bitches be wearing cartoon flowers in there hair. Every Facebook profile pic.
      Seriously, go check
So long duck face, hello animated accessories.

Here's my experience

The infamous flower hair
Aside my lil cuz, who ranked #1 in choir! 

I now rep the unrealistic cute deer

My friend and I did an interesting experiment...

We swapped faces.
I look incredibly real...

Can't lie, I'm impressed. 


  1. Haha! That's wild.

    I had the app for a while and it is fun to play with the face swap and deer face stuff, but I am not sure whether I want such pics to be public, which is sort of the idea with snapchat.

    Makes me wonder what sort of madness the next popular social media app will have us doing.

    1. Feel the same way about snapchat being shared anywhere. Even though I just did. They sent me them so I feel acceptable.
      I still don't understand Twitter..

  2. You look like a long haired feminine boy with her face.

    1. LOL yes, though it does look like a friend of mine and myself mixed.

  3. I love these. I'm that guy who's probably too old to be using Snapchat, but uses it anyway. You don't want to see the faceswap with my wife. It's hideous. Instead, I'll show you this. This is what I do with mine: I do faceswaps with my body opponent sparring bag.

    1. LOL WHAT!?
      The one not melting looks so serious.