Wednesday, March 15, 2017


Hula hooping impresses people. Something self taught.
Anybody can do it. 

I don't want to impress, I want to astonish.

A circus art that takes training and hard work. So I decided to fly...

Aerial arts day 1

Aerial arts day 4

Every class has an hour on silks, and an hour on trapeeze. 

My first day started with silks. By the time I got to trapeeze my hands and forearms were super cramped.
So I stayed strong and gave it my all.
Swinging off the trapeeze my forearms and hands gave out. Followed by a nice faceplant.
Thank you gymnastics mat for saving me.


  1. The circus that comes in town every year has a girl that does that. SHe's amazing. She can also do other stunts, like the circle of death with the motorcycles and the cage

    1. Circus arts are a good habit to get into. Fun, and extremely physical workout. You don't look at it as working out since its so fun.
      Whats this ring of fire you speak of? Send a video link!

    2. Circle of death*
      Have Johnny Cash stuck in my head. Hahaa..

  2. Replies
    1. Didnt hurt aside from my forearms and hands!

    2. My faceplant would've been permanent :)

  3. Faceplant or not, that's really badass that you're getting into this. Might we see videos some time in the future, once you master it?

    1. Thank you! Most people thought I was crazy when I told them one day they'd see me accomplish circus arts.
      The school doesn't allow videos. When I'm comfortable performing I'll definitely post one.

  4. This really suits your blog title! madness! I mean, that's awesome and pure skill! i can even do a simple stretching and body breaking! hhahaha

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