Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Leaving without believing

Stuck in my head
Make believing
There's no way out
When everyone's leaving

Yesterday was my last day with Lil Micaela. Her dad's part of the boarder patrol and now sationed a good handful of states away. 

This family is a rare breed. They've helped me mentally, socially, and inspire to pursue my goals. 

Was given the option to move with them. 

Our last week together, Lil Micaela sat on the swing. Slowly looks up then looks down. 
"If you come to ______ with us, we can find trapeeze classes for you Big Micaela".

They leave today. 
It's just now hitting me. 


  1. Cherish the memories, hopefully you will reunite one day

    1. Definitely will!!
      The memories of our last month together were the best. :(
      Her ma though...changed my life.

  2. I am so sorry you are so sad. As Adam said.....

  3. That is just so sad right? I mean youre close to someone then one day, it has arrived that they're leaving.

    1. I've had few (at least one I recall) times someone leaving made me happy.
      Of course after, I missed 'em too much.

  4. Show that people really care about you, dear Lady...

  5. I hope you can find happiness somewhere else and another family or opportunity presents itself to you. I am sorry that this chapter in your life is coming to an end but with that said... You never know whats on the next page.