Monday, September 25, 2017

Circus life - Lyra week 2

Last week I shared my switch in circus art of choice. 
(Or Aerial hoop)

This week I've come to realize how much I love having no silk or trapeze rope to get tangled into.

Took the initiative to actually take notes this round. Couldn't manage for the longest time, as my forearms and hands would cramp up too much. 

Lyra is the only thing focused on in the class. I'm used to a bigger class with four groups. Switching from trapeze to silks mid class.

Only a handful of people are in this class. We're all comfortable with eachother with an amazing instructor. 
Sometimes change is good, right? 

My happy place

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

From hula hoop to aerial hoop

 Aerial 1 classes consisted of silks and trapeze. As some of you know, trapeze was my apparatus of choice.

 Why not silks?
Hammock silks were fun. Wrapping yourself up, letting go, unraveling to a drop. The whole "wrap yourself up" part is where I drew the line. It's like making a friendship bracelet, one wrap wrong everything's messed up. Let's just say I'm not the best at making friendship bracelets. 

This session I waved goodbye to trapeze and said hello to lyra. Also known as an aerial hoop.

Mounting onto the lyra hoop is the same way you'd mount onto a trapeze. 
Except when you swing up, there's no parallel ropes to grab...
It will take a minute getting used to gripping on a curve.

Below you'll see my buddy and I doing the mermaid pose. Coincidentally the pictures were taken at the same angle.

During class my man was waiting in the car with my cousins dog (Blue). Once class was done everybody came out to pet him.
After the petting of the pup we did some circus freak stuff in the parking lot before heading home. Got to borrow my buddy's adult pogo stick.

With a great teacher and awesome fellow students, this session should be a great experience.