Monday, September 25, 2017

Circus life - Lyra week 2

Last week I shared my switch in circus art of choice. 
(Or Aerial hoop)

This week I've come to realize how much I love having no silk or trapeze rope to get tangled into.

Took the initiative to actually take notes this round. Couldn't manage for the longest time, as my forearms and hands would cramp up too much. 

Lyra is the only thing focused on in the class. I'm used to a bigger class with four groups. Switching from trapeze to silks mid class.

Only a handful of people are in this class. We're all comfortable with eachother with an amazing instructor. 
Sometimes change is good, right? 

My happy place


  1. Smaller classes are the way to go. More personal, more attention from the teacher. I hate when I'm in a jiu jitsu/muay thai class (my art of choice) and there's something like 30 people. Too crowded, too little attention from instructors, and my God, the body odor. That's too many sweaty people in one tiny ass gym.

    1. Ahaha!! The crowded BO did definitely decrease.
      Do you really do those fighting type style arts?

    2. As a teacher, I couldn't agree more: size matters, and the smaler the better. I know, that came out wrong but you know what I mean. Wait, I don't pretend to know you know what I mean, but... Um... Okay, I'm going now. ;)

      Hi fellas!

    3. Ahahaa, I know what ya mean.

  2. Well done with your practice and you’re very skilful! Keep it up

  3. Smaller classes usually always win the day. Much better that way. And look at you go, impressive indeed.

  4. Replies
    1. I take that as a compliment! Haha.
      My goal is to one day astonish.

  5. This is really such a talent! I saw this post in IG!

    1. Thanks Stevevhan! We do follow eachother on IG, haha. Glad you like the pics and art!
      Motivation to keep at it.
      I need more of that in my life.
      Thank you!