Friday, October 27, 2017


Age: 14 - 24
Visits: 9

This round is honestly hard to talk about. 
Wasn't my typical mistake. 

Same psych hospital as last time. Which is a first. Everyone was jive beside myself and a roommate. She was too ill to socialize with. Created a clique with a jive dude and woman. 
Literally couldn't fully understand the dude half the time. 
I was in need of a translator.

He's an alcoholic.
One night while teaching the woman magic tricks out comes that dude with three large Styrofoam cups. Hands both of us a cup. It had various fruits and fruit juices. 
(Stashing any food in our room is a pretty serious violation)
We thank him.

"Yeah only thing missing is rum, but damn good ain't it?"
He didn't understand the humor of it.

Now I was stuck with all psychosis patients.
One decided to play checkers. She questioned me a few times about some scars on my arms. Called me a white devil and said she couldn't play anymore. 

That was confusing but I found it hilarious. Not offensive. 
Check that one off the bucket list. 

Finally an older country dude comes along. Two of his family members were shot in the vegas shooting still being hospitalized. He completely lost it...ending up in the psych wing. 

He sounded like Tommy Chong. 
I no longer needed a translator.

He was a happy guy, content with what he's experienced in life. My favorite being the story about stealing his neighbor's competition goat while drunk at some party. Then sold it to a slaughter house. Later getting arrested 

Ohh the places you'll go
Where the people you'll meet 


  1. A guy that sounds like Tommy Chong. Funny, because that whole experience makes me think of Tommy Chong sitting in the welfare office, waiting for Cheech, surrounded by these colorful characters.

    Hope you're feeling better by now.

  2. So sorry about the inpatient, however, it sounds like you met some interesting folks....and that is a major part of the visit. I love the way you tell this story....hope things are better now.

    Sending Much Love!

  3. I am sorry this visit is so hard to talk about. I hope I didn't write anything hurtful to was never my intention :(

    1. I didn't get much out honestly, and you're nothing buy support Tracy! You never offend me. :)

  4. Miss you very much, Harlynn, I so hope you are okay. Sending much love