Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Circus life - Lyra week 3

Taking notes in class goes a long way. 
In Aerial 1 class I'd come in every week asking how to do something we've done a million times. 

(While in the middle of doing a trick) 
"So I wrap the rope around what leg? I think I'm stuck. trick are we doing again?"

You're allowed to bring in a guest to watch. My man's been wanting to...but I'm rather nervous. 
A fellow classmate had her girlfriend stop by to watch this week. 
Soooo...I asked the class if we could have a week where we all bring someone. Making it more comfortable for me to have my man come in. 
Of course they're down, so hopefully I don't fall on my face when that day comes...

Every few months the Flyhouse holds a showcase in which you can sign up to perform. The upcoming one has the theme "The Roaring 20's".
Definitely going to watch. Maybe sign up for the next showcase? Need that confidence boost first, and more training.


  1. Damn, what a skill indeed. Sure your man will be impressed. But yeah, no falling on your face lol that would hurt.

  2. Practice makes perfect, as they say! And that certainly looks more interesting than any class I ever took!

    1. It's quite an experience!
      Definitely keeping up with the practice.

  3. Very impressive! And requires a lot more coordination than I've got. Kudos.

  4. If that day has come, I hope it didn't end in a faceplant.