Monday, August 20, 2018

Nanny reunion

Just before Lil Micaela, I nannied for two toddler sisters. Ones I had the real tea party with.
Continue occasional care for the youngest. 
The other day I had the honor, first time in awhile.

She got a cat
Still learning how you hold it....

5-years-old now! 
Voice has slightly changed, she conversates with more understanding.

...because she's a kid now. 

A favorite acrobatic pose I enjoy doing with toddlers. 

Still the same ole' munchkin as I remember though! 

Does anyone else love these NASA shirts that have popped up? 
While dressing her in the morning I said I was going to get one and wear it next time I see her. 
...I bought a NASA shirt...on the way home. 
Funny part is, I had no intentions to go search for one. Stopped at Target to kill time and browse the dollar section and get my man spray paint. 

Sunday, August 12, 2018

Str8 ballin

 Shared a video with some audio editing on my Facebook Fan page of my 5-year-old lil cuz "G" freestyling with the hoop.

Out of all my years blogging, this kid managed to get the most publicity....

Going viral

Once hearing the news, he immediately wanted to call his friends
Kids are amazing...