Friday, July 19, 2013

15 Recent Experiences with Strangers

This keeps me going. Without a simple stranger you won't forget experience occasionally one would possibly go insane. As strangers have influenced my life more than any close friends or family lately.
1. I met an adult lady on her smoke break and talked about how much the American Dream has done a 180°.

2. Also met an awesome girl with pink hair also on a smoke break. We plan to hangout soon.

3. I strolled the street with my hoop and he we shall refer to as my own personal dragon from Mulan had my back. Not one person didn't resist wanting to see me hoop. My performance, practice, and teaching of a forgotten talent brought delight.

4. A stranger said my future stage name should be Harley. Short for Harlequin. Loved it. My grandfather's name was Harlin. I enjoy Harlynn more. Especially after a douche yelled "I always wanted to ride a Harley!" out the passenger window of his buddy's $1000 beater.

5. I announce "Caddy"  when a Cadillac passes. Random fact.  Moving on..

6. I was 26 cents short at 7/11. Found myself between the cashier, and a couple men in line picking pockets.  My home boy the cashier hooked me up.
I felt worth something.

7. I was asked if I do 'girl or boy'. Shortly found out this meant Crack or Heroin.
Nicest Crack dope dealer, not what I would have expected. No, I'm not associating with these people. Never will.

8. About that Crack dealer. After asked if it refers to hard drugs and answered yes, I casually took out my cat can opener and put it on my knuckles for 'brass knuckles ghettofied!'. I rambled about how that's an offer I'll always refuse while doing this. Until I came to a sudden burst of laughter. That face... I scared the shit out of a dope dealer.

9. I met a real life Ryan from Wilfred. Not like Elijah Wood, but the chararastics.

10. I walked around with a few ripped black dudes, there area. Where I'm Harley. The small white hooper chick.

11. I had a gorgeous kind hearted girl and 2 ripped white dudes chase down an ice cream truck for me. I thank them, again.
BTW: Ripped dudes scare me,  as I know I can't win a psychical confrontation.

12. I taught two blocks of people how to hula hoop,  or helped them enjoy the moment again.

13. I ran into a lady who was best friends with the hula hoop championship (60's or 70's?). My gaw dropped. She hula hooped. She loved it. I'm sorry to say her talented friend has passed away.

14. A psychic magician approached my friend and I from results of our auroras. Second time this happened, not at all related to previous one in any way. Neither seeked or would accept money.

15. I hated this girl, while she hated back equally for 5 years. Her close friend added me in Facebook because she's a local hooper wanting to have a 'hoop together'. I then thought what the hell, I have no hate towards this girls friend, maybe I should add her and see if she wants to join (as she also hoops).
We're planning to meet up sometime soon.

It's a small world I suppose.
The little things can create opportunity.
Just don't lose yourself in them. Unless you're successfully happy.


  1. Yes!!!! I have so many stranger stories too!!! Never met a hooper before though...

    1. Experiences with strangers are the best. c: