Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Interview with Sara Sillygrrl of The Weird Sisters Circus

This week I interviewed one of my biggest inspirations.

Sarah is an extremely talented aerial yoga, trapeze, hammock, lyra performer, and teacher. Two years ago was her first experience with the silk aerial rope. With enough determination and dedication, Sarah is now one of 3 talented circus performers in The Weird Sisters Circus.

She didn't just wake up an amazing aerial artist. She maintained perusing who she is now while juggling a job, maintaining her own home, running an etsy shop, freelance design, and blogging...then however, she chose to run away with the circus. 

About 2 years ago you started aerial yoga. What inspired you to give it a try?

I had just gone through a really bad break-up and was looking for something else to focus my intention on. I thought about a yoga or dance class, but Mandy suggested we try aerial yoga. Lacking any sort of upper body strength or flexibility, I was terrible pretty much the entire first session. But I loved the challenge and feeling the soreness and strength in my body, so I kept going.

Do you plan on mastering any other circus arts?
I've always thought about picking up a sideshow act that I can do sans-lots of heavy, expensive equipment, but I have yet to find time to learn anything new.

What gig was your favorite with The Weird Sisters?
We've done so many that I loved. Silly costumes, synchronized routines, performing in huge shows. Theatre Bizarre and Squared Circle Revue are always really fun to work on and we've performed a couple times with the Pistons, which was a huge exciting production.

Who, or what is your inspiration?
I'm inspired by my friends who are performers, watching circus videos online, and my own Weird Sisters. Anyone who is doing something that looks effortless, but takes immense effort inspires me to get my butt in the air and work harder.

For other aspiring circus performers, what advice would you give to get started?
Sign-up for a class! No buying equipment and watching Youtube videos to teach yourself allowed :) Find a circus school and start training. Work on arm, ab, leg strength and flexibility as often as possible. The more you can get in the air the faster your body will become stronger. And don't get discouraged if you are absolutely terrible on your first day of class. Everyone has to start somewhere!

Click here for more info on booking The Weird Sisters Circus.

Want to give the aerial arts a try? (:
Click here for more info on circus classes taught by The Weird Sisters.


  1. in another life, I totally would have been a circus performer <3

    thanks for following me, I'm following back xx

    1. What I find so inspiring about Sarah, is that she proves you can be a circus performer without having been trained since the age of 2. So don't feel overwhelmed to give it a shot if it ever crosses your mind!

      Aww shucks! Thank you for not only checking out my blog, but giving your feedback as well. c: