Monday, August 19, 2013

Sell my Old Clothes I'm Off to Heaven

Today my boyfriend's grandmother passed away
She lived to be 91, and only spoke Italian (very little mixed English). Came from southern Italy for the American Dream, along with her belated husband, and children. 
Vincenzina. Pretty name, but took awhile to pronounce correctly. She had her furry best friend Tina by her side for the last few years. While showering at their place, she'd yell in Italian that I was taking too long, and on occasion I'd open the door to find Tina wagging her tail eager to use the bathroom. She was trained to use a "potty mat" instead of having to go outside. This pup would understand commands in both English, and Italian. 
When wearing my black tunnels with rhinestones boardering the circle, Vincenzina scrambled through her stuff and handed me a gorgeous necklace. Said it would match my earrings (which she later was startled to see are actually in my ear lobes stretched to an inch), and my glasses nicely. That it'd look beautiful for formal attire. 

R.I.P Vincenzina

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