Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Answers to Random Everyday Questions

What is the legal restaurant tip rate in my state? 
 service fee (service charge or surchargeis sometimes added the bill amount in restaurants and similar establishments. 
The customary tip can be a specific given percentage of the bill. 
Fun Fact: In the U.S. it's illegal for the government to take share in any form of service fee.
Therefore, it's also referred to as gratitudity in which case a service fee isn't applicable. (However, out of respect & common sense one should leave a tip).
Average tip: 15%
Buffet-style Resturant: 10% (Server brings you beverages &/or fortune cookie)

How much money does each player start off with in Monopoly?
Each player receives Two $500's, Two $100's, Two $50's, Six $20's, Five $10's, Five $5's, & Five $1's.

How much money does each player start off with in The Game of Life?
According to Hasbro's website, "The banker separates the money into piles by denomination, then gives each player $10,000."

Ants and fruit flies piss me off, so do chemicals, how do I destroy them all?!
Ants...Keep the skin of cucumber near the source of the problem, eventually eliminating it. Source
Fruit Flies...Fill a mason jar (or similar size liquid storage such as clean soup can) half full of vinegar or whiskey. Put elastic wrap around the top and seal with rubber-band(s). Poke small holes through the top of elastic wrap. The scent will attract them, some will drown before getting a chance to suffocate from the scent. The survivors wont be eating your fruit, when they fly up towards the beautiful air they gonn' be bish slapped by some plastic wrap. If they make it past THAT...they will try to find the holes. They're going to try to escape if they're robo-fruitfly. Even then they wouldn't make it before suffocating, falling, and landing in liquid in which they drown in. >:D 

Where's the Car Keys?
I don't know, when you find them do yourself a favor. First get nail polish. Then pick out a color to color code each. Answering the question "Found my keys, now which is the deadbolt?". Only coat the tops of the keys. Don't be stupid. Don't coat the part of the key that goes into the lock. Think about the outcome. 

How can I lose weight without eventually complaining, and quick too?
First, make a lifetime change to your diet. No "diet" to your diet. A person's diet is what one eats on an average basis. A "diet" is what one eats for a short period of time, changing the psychical outcome for a short period of time. Do make a life time change to your diet. Do not "diet". 
Second, find an exercise that you enjoy doing. There's a very very wide variety. Ballet, Football, Jump-roping/Double-dutch, Rugby,Volleyball, Disc Golf, Pilates, Jumping on the trampoline, Waxing cars, Rock climbing, Walking, Running, hula-hooping, Aerial Hoop/Lyra, Hiking, Archery, Skateboarding/Long Boarding, Surf-boarding, Swimming, Going to the Gym, Gymnastics, etc...
It's common-sense what's going to be considered enough calories burned &/or amount of time put in to be a physical "sport" (for lack of a better term). The point is, if you enjoy it enough you're going to do it enough. No forcing yourself, unless you're trying to progress. Like while doing gymnastics, or playing basketball for instance. 
How much does my brain weigh?
An adult human brain weighs about 3lbs on average. 

When was the Declaration of Independence signed?
July, 4, 1776. 
56 delegates from 13 colonies. 

How many carats is pure gold?
Pure gold is 24 carats. 

What does LED stand for?
Light emitting diode. 

Why is "e.g." used when an example is given?
E.G. is derived from the word Exempli gratia. In latin translating to "For example". 

What does Thursday even mean?
Thursday is the day of Thor, the God of thunder (Norse mythology). In the past, it was on occasion referred to as Thunderday.

What is Devil's Night?
Devil's night started in the 60's - 70's in Detroit, Michigan (during the time of the riot). It's associated with the vandalism and arson the night before Halloween, October 30th. 

 Happy Devils Night!

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