Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Christmas is Real PreTeen Girl's List

Christmas is real. 
Creepin' up on you.

Have you ever been a young girl?
When's the last time, if ever?

Her Stocking Stuffers:

Any girl can't resist glow in the dark anything, or body art paint.
Click here or on the picture to check 'em out.

I mustache you a question. & no, I can't shave it for later. Do you realize the importance of owning a faux mustache, and that you can't have too many? Their like shoes now.
Click here to get twelve of them for $0.39!

Safe, hair chalking dye mini kit made for easy DIY hair. No "spray paint hair dye" effect, and washes out in the shower! Personally dyed my whole head pink and it did wash out. I'm also currently a blonde.
Click here to stock up on these.

Professional quality nail art brushes. Easy to create tiny drawings when painting nails.The best part? They wash off for re-use on any other polish! Comes in a set of 3 for only $0.97 here.

You can't forget the nail polish! Go all out, get her a colorful 6 pack of glow in the dark nail polish here.

Her Gifts:

No girl can't say they don't love a make-up storage container, or make-up storage kit. 

Click here to check this out!   

Mini Monster High sketch book! 
Only $5.99 here.


Monster High Sticker Stylist!
For only $11.00 here.

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