Thursday, November 7, 2013

DIY Air Freshener

Materials Needed:
Pencil & Marker
Scrap Paper
Hole Punch (optional)
Ribbon/string (or something equivalent)
Non-Toxic Glue
Cardboard (Recycle the cardboard from 50 cent machine stickers, works great and perfect size!)
Recycled Fabric (I cut old T-shirts a lot for various crafts, but any old fabric will come in handy. Recycle those 10 year old curtains in the back of the closet, or some old sheets, rags, etc.)
Fragrance (I'm using Febreze, however essential oils with a dropper may work better. I wouldn't recommend perfume or other body fragrance) 

Step 1:
- Trace a template of your design on scrap paper, then cut out.
I decided to go simple and make a heart. If you'd like a traditional tree/fruit shaped freshener go for it! Feel free to get a bit more creative. Draw a mustache, or Medusa, or an alpaca. Or you could draw Medusa riding an alpaca that has a mustache! Yes, do that please. Then show me so I can make an offer on it.

Step 2:
- You're going to cut out two fabric pieces, so make sure you have enough room. Place template onto fabric, trace, and cut out neatly. After you cut two pieces, set them aside. Don't worry too much if it looks a little jagged, you can waste time messing around with this later like I did! :D 

Step 3: 
- Trace template onto cardboard, and carefully cut out. Only one cardboard piece is needed. Like I mentioned before, the cardboard that comes with stickers from the 50 cent machines are literally perfect size for this! Next time you get an awesome sticker, be sure to save the cardboard flap thingy. 

Step 4:
- Time for the glue! To avoid a huge sticky mess, trace a thin line of glue a bit away from the edge of your shape. After, swirl the glue towards the middle making a thin layer of glue onto one side of your cardboard piece. 

Step 5:
- Take one of your fabric cut outs, and gently place onto the glue. If your fabric hangs over the cardboard, it's better than having it too short. Let completely dry.

Step 6:
- After letting that side dry, flip over and repeat the last 2 steps on the other side. This is where I decided to mess with the fabric on the end by gluing the overlap pieces. However, this would work much better with non-spandex material and after both sides are completely dry. 

Step 7:
- After your cardboard/fabric is dry, grab your nifty hole puncher and make a hole at the top. I happen to be honored to own a star shaped hole puncher that came with one of my 90's Barbie Dolls. However, Barbie's nifty hole puncher didn't put out with both cardboard and fabric. So I decided to make two slits, then loop ribbon through so it hangs necklace style. 

Step 8:
- Grab your fragrance of choice. If you're using essential oils, fill your dropper and do 3-4 drops on each side. If you're using something like Febreze, give it a good 2 sprays and wave your freshener through the sprayed air.

You now own an air freshener made by you! 
If yours turned out like mine, there's plenty of things you can do to make it look more "professional". Trimming the border depending on the material used. Maybe glue some ribbon around the border, add more decor? 
Since mine isn't for a gift, I happen to find a nice place to keep it.

Right next to Holly and Paul of course! I wasn't sure what to hang in that spot, what a cute coincidence. 
Ohh, and my air freshener still smells wonderful. So Febreze is recommended. c:

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