Friday, November 29, 2013


This must explain why I can hardly sleep. I'm obviously a genius, haha. Early in the year I seem to have trouble sleeping. Mostly when I want to accomplish multiple tasks, whether or not important, and refuse to rest until done (which is never).
This time of the year is usually the most depressing for me. I have vivid nightmares, suicidal thoughts, and lose all hope. I currently have no family, as they disowned me. Dreaming is my escapebut where do I go when I want to escape the horrid dreams?
We're all mad in our own ways.


  1. Haha, then I must be really brainy too.. I like to sleep on the morning / daytime tho :P

  2. When I was on that schedule, my mother asked if I was a vampire. Haha. XD

  3. Why would your family disown you? This time of year gets me too, but just when it seems our can't get any worse, spring hits and it changes again.

    We are definitely all mad in my own ways.

    1. They have their "reasons". I'm better off without most of them anyways. Need to clear a few people out of my "people who matter" list.
      I definitely agree, when spring hits everything changes. Life changes. c:
      Thanks for the uplifting comment.