Friday, November 22, 2013

No need to cry over spilled milk

Humans are not carnivores. Your cat is however, which is why they have much sharper teeth and retractable claws. We're not designed to intake as much meat and dairy as we actually do.
Think about this
A newborn calf weighs approximately 35 pounds, a newborn human weighs approximately 8 pounds. Both are mammals, and feed off mother's milk. A calf stops the same time baby's no longer need breast milk. Within that time, the calf weighs 2000 pounds, and a toddler weighing about 40. Pretty fattening, huh? Probably because cows have multiple stomachs. If we're not designed the same, why drink cow milk?
Did you know
Soy milk & almond milk have more calcium, with equal or greater amounts of all the other necessities.
Farm fresh
Your milk isn't made from Old McDonald tugging utters all day long. Besides the multiple medicines used to make the cow unhealthy, they're also stuck to machines tugging the utters hours on end. This creates infection, and puss to seep into the milk.
Purified to perfection
The FDA allows a specific level of "garbage" to be sold in milk. Meaning you may suck up a swig of puss and cows milk someday.
The dairy industry pays others to advertise the product as a healthy lifestyle drink. Similar to McDonalds paying to appear a healthy meal choice.
Since I stopped drinking milk and hooping, I've lost over 100lbs.
Nuff said.
Milk isn't a necessity naturally after breastfeeding, there's other options for vitamin and calcium intake. I suggest taking advantage of them.

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