Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Permanent Solution - Temporary Problem

Everybody wishes they could take a vacation, or at least a break from life at times. I think sleep is our break, and dreams are the vacations. When something attacks you mentally, attacks to the point a break or vacation seems impossible, the only option you think left is to leave. This is where so many people, in fact too many people have thought wrong. Suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem. Leaving your loved ones with a permanent problem and loss. 

In 2001, my cousin Jeremy James Lipinski ended his life. I was only 7 at the time, but still remember his funeral like it was yesterday. Hours before he killed himself my mother and I had visited him. My mind explodes in thought almost everyday questioning whether I could have somehow prevented this. A simple colored picture, a hug, anything? It's too late now. He ended his life, but created a family full of unanswered questions and pain. 

In 2010 a boy I went to school with was charged for alleged rape against a young girl. After she experienced cyber bullying, harassment in school, even having dog crap thrown at her. She ended her life. The charges were dropped as "there was no longer a victim", but the bullying didn't end. Her memorial page was full of horrible comments from fellow students. 

Studies have shown that the part of your brain that mentally affects you (let's call this the "norm") takes 5+ years to go back to the "norm" after experiencing an amputation. 20+ for parents who lost a child in a tragic accident, such as a car crash. As for parents of a child who committed suicide, there has been not one study showing them back to their "norm".

Nobody deserves to understand what hate is. Nobody deserves to be bullied to the point of death. Nobody deserves to lose a child to suicide. Every life has a meaning. Every person is loved. Every goal can be accomplished. Happiness is around the corner, you just have to keep walking. The next time you want to make an evil comment towards somebody, just remember one thing. Sticks and stones may break a few bones, but words can lead anybody to suicide. Your words.


  1. Hi Harlynn!
    Thanks for you nice comment :) I've been enjoying reading your blog! This post is really well written. It's so true. Words hurt, and they can leave deep deep scars. I think things like bullying have gotten worse with all the social medias around - cyber bullying. People are mean and don't understand how words can effect others, and drive others to commit tragic acts...
    Onto a brighter subject now!! I have read that you hula hoop (and also saw that you have another blog for tutorials). Please please please post some!! I have been hooping since this summer (I'm mad, I brought a fire hoop!! Love it!!). I can do some basic stuff (dance with it, bring it up to my neck and onto shoulders, in out...) but on some things I'm stuck! I cannot hoop around my knees, nor get the hoop back upto my waist when it gets below my bum!
    Sorry for the long comment! :)
    Take care!
    Ps: thanks for following and adding my button :) Do you have a button that I can add to my blog? Following you on gfc & bloglovin!

    1. Hey Bel,
      I'm glad you enjoy reading my blog! As I enjoy yours as well. c:
      Cyber bullying has definitely gotten worse from social media! People don't realize just because it's typed out words it still hurts as bad as spoken words.
      I actually just started working on that blog, happy to see somebody's already anxious! I definitely am jealous you have a fire hoop! I still need to get my hands on one of them, haha. I'll definitely get working on it, thanks for the motivation!
      I do have a button! I'll shoot you an email. c:

  2. Really true post. i really enjoyed every little bit you wrote. you have awesome ability to express your word.


    1. Thank you!
      Really appreciate that you enjoy my posts!