Saturday, November 2, 2013

She Bakes Cupcakes Business Review

My horrible experience with She Bakes Cupcakes.

She Bakes Cupcakes is an at-home business in Warren, Michigan.
Amanda Brodzinski (Manda) runs the business claiming to be "baker". 

After purchasing 3 cookies for $20, I received only 1. My experience with her other baked goods was horrible. Therefore, I was pleased with the quality of the cookie. Little did I know, she didn't even bake them. She harassed "insert name here" to do so for her. No wonder the cookie was actually pleasantly tasting.

A close friend of mine had purchased cookies from the "bakery" as well. He was very unhappy at how unprofessional the business between them went. After knocking on the door, an over-weight brunette had answered wearing inappropriate clothing (especially for her size). She handed him his purchase, took the money, and shut the door. Very unwelcoming if you ask me. 

Between the horrible quality, and being scammed with a ridiculous price (without receiving my purchase), I highly suggest to stay away from this unprofessional at-home "business". 


  1. Ouch, what is she thinking? This behaviour might make her business flop! Lord, give her a sense!

    1. Ohh I hear you!
      Horrible experience! Wont have to deal with it again, and hopefully others wont either. c: