Monday, November 11, 2013

Whack Black Friday

What is Black Friday?
The Friday following Thanksgiving Thursday. Multiple stores offer exclusive discounts starting early morning for holiday shoppers.
How many are actual holiday shoppers?
66% of those shopping Black Friday will be buying for themselves.
The holiday sales are created for others to purchase your Christmas wishes. That huge flat screen at Walmart isn't worth the time. You could be using the time to find sales for those on your list.
The greed to succeed self fulfillment is sickening. I went out once on the 27th, for my cat. My ex and I hit up PetSmart while others surrounded the stores along the Plaza. Including Best Buy,  Walmart (ughh), and Gamestop.
A smarter, time saving, and less stressful way to save money holiday shopping is virtually. No, not Best Buy's site. Websites like Etsy and eBay will help yourself and a self-employed merchant. Etsy consists of various handmade items. Meaning nobody else will get the same thing. Most items sold on the site are not in a large quantity, therefore only having one in stock. Personally I feel it's the best option considering the unique creativity and time hand crafters really put into that one item. You can also purchase vintage items, such as those at The Ginger Shoppe.
Beware of the greed this Holiday Season.
Think of others.
Spend time with others.

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