Sunday, December 15, 2013

7 things you don't get your boyfriend for Christmas

With the help of my boyfriend Dan, I've put together this list of 7 things not to get your boyfriend for Christmas. I quoted his exact explanations - you may be surprised. In all honesty, I was.

1. Christmas Sweater
"Does anybody really like Christmas sweaters?"

2. Tools
"I mean come on... 'Ohh yay tools I already have - but for 5 bucks I can break with my bare hands'".

3. A gift really for your own benefit
"He will know if you get him a dvd player to use for your dvd collection. Then you can expect some skimpy lingerie".

4. Cologne
"That's saying you don't like the way he smells. You should instead suggest a specific scent. It's basically saying 'your cologne sucks - here you go'".

5. Shoes
"We do not share a girls obsession with shoes. Most guys have winter boots, dress shoes, an everyday pair & maybe a second pair."

6. Exercise equipment
"Well that's...think about that. You're saying he needs it basically. If he got you exercise equipment wouldn't you think he's calling you fat?"

7. Star Wars movies
"If he likes star wars he already has the movies. Get him a nice light saber."

"Just because tools and such are things a guy has doesn't mean it's something a guy wants." - Dan


  1. Hahah :D ! I think my hubby would like a Christmas sweater tho :D. You guys are so cute :) Happy Holidays!

    1. I argued for a moment about the Christmas sweater, as I would like one as well. XD
      Happy Holiday's to you too!

  2. Haha, I love this list! I've been so stumped as to what to buy my boyfriend this Christmas... at least I know what to avoid now ;-)


    1. I was thinking about doing 7 things to get your boyfriend next, so keep an eye out! c;

  3. Replies
    1. That's probably my favorite of his explinations! haha.

  4. Fair do's! I got mine a ps4 game and some slippers which he loved! So I'm happy :) bless you guys x

    1. Good deal! Boyfriend approved haha.