Monday, December 9, 2013

DIY Christmas Cards

So this year I decided since I'm 20 and have Ebenezer Scrooge clones surrounding me, I'm making Christmas cards! I fell in love with a few ideas sprouted from pinterest, but my favorite was thought up on my own.

Puns are my favorite. Dry humor as well. Therefore I've made my Christmas cards out of playing cards. Not just any playing cards though - joker cards. 
In result of my hatred towards the Batman and love for "Mista J", I've saved up joker cards from various decks to originally make business cards out of. Instead, I made holiday cards. It's a card, a pun, a joke. It's hilarious. At least I think so, haha.

Two ideas from pinterest I grew fond of include using colored tape to make a simple Christmas tree.
You know those cardboard flaps that come with stickers out of the 50 cent machine? That's the perfect size to use for small greeting cards! They're also durable, so no worries about rips, and you can write on the opposite side without it seeping through. c:

Another was using ribbon. Simply use a hole puncher making symmetrical holes getting closer together as they rise upward. Make one hole at the top. 

Sew the ribbon carefully through making loops forming the shape of a Christmas tree.
Get crafty for the top hole. Tie a bow, or maybe knot the end and cover it with a star. 
Various ways to get crafty with it. 
(Note that the last picture here isn't mine, I'm not sure who to give credit to for this one.)
Simplicity at its best. 

Do you still make your own Christmas cards?


  1. Thank you so much for following me! I'm honored! I would like to challenge you:

    I love DIY Christmas cards!

    1. Definitely going to take part in that challenge! :P

  2. This is such a cool idea! I haven't made christmas cards like that before! Found you through the blog hop!

    1. Thanks!
      & looks like we're new bloggin' buddies! I'll hop over to your blog. :P

  3. Love the wit behind this card! I hope you don't mind if I borrow your idea though. I'm sort of regretting throwing away old decks, but I may just have to do with printing my own set of joker cards for this little project.