Friday, December 13, 2013

Happy Friday the 13th!

2013 can kiss my ass.

This year has been quite a ball game. I hate baseball. I'm so happy it's all about to end - and a new fresh start of 2014 is on it's way. New resolutions, new morals, new dreams to create into reality. 

A lot of tattoo shops do $13 "13" tattoos. I'm pondering on the thought of getting a lucky spade with a 13 in the middle. I feel this will be a comfort to guide me through the rest of this horrible year with luck. I have yet to get any tattoo - and maybe this as a first will be a good idea. I certainly don't want to go get one just because it's cheap, but I have a meaning into mine. My nickname has to do with a harlequin, which also coordinates well. I'd like to have meaning into any tattoo I plan to get. Also, I'd like to draw all of mine. This one will be fun and simple. c: Any thoughts?

How's your Friday the 13th going so far?


  1. Hah , for me it's been too lucky . I got a day off from school , got highest marks and a lot of fun . Phew?

  2. Sounds like you've defeated the bad luck! Haha.