Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Harlynn the strange

After hitting up Noor's Place I was instantly inspired to write a post of strange "Harlynn facts". Be sure to check out the post that inspired me.

Harlynn the Strange

- My name is Micaela. No, not makayla. My belated grandfather's name is actually Harlynn. Why did I get the nickname? An old friend had given me the nickname "Harley" since I'm a circus freak, relating to a harlequin. When walking down the street one nice summer day with my hoop, some totally awesome guy with monster stickers on his car and a Detroit baseball hat from the local 7/11 yelled out his window "I'd love to ride me a Harley!". This is when I decided to spice it up to Harlynn.

    - I can't sleep in complete silence. It's freezing here in Michigan, and you'll find me lying in bed with the fan facing the wall on high blast just for the sound. 

    - When I was younger, I had made friends with the "Micaela in the mirror". She slowly vanished and became simply a reflection over the years.

    -I named my cat after a 1930's burlesque strip tease dancer (Gypsy Rose Lee). Only the classiest of us name our animals after strippers. 

    -Growing up I wanted to be a lawyer. I'm now into the circus arts. 

    - My earlobes are my babies. I'll never close them up. 

    - As a munchkin growing up, I used to bang my head on my pillow and sing until I passed out. An old babysitter wasn't prepared for this and actually called my mother freaking out. Hey - I was smart. I kept rhythm! 

    Here's a picture I made with some app awhile back of my awesome pup and kitty. 
    Oliver Wendel & Gypsy Rose Lee

    We're all strange. We're all mad. All in our own ways. 
    What's something strange about you?


    1. I love this post! It's always so interesting to get to know the bloggers you're reading.
      Also - I'm a huge fan of Gypsy Rose Lee. Have you read her autobiography? It's amazing!

      1. I've never met anybody who actually knows of her!
        I haven't read her autobiography (yet). I saw the movie with Dakota Wood from '61.
        That's what made me fall in love with her. c:

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