Thursday, December 12, 2013

Holidays never fail to impress me

So this year Christmas has been different
I'm not spending it with family, shopping, or with friends like usual. No sugar cookies, no tree, no Christmas music. This all took a 360 when my step brother and I hung out. I recently moved out of his residence and in with my boyfriend. The step brother and I spent wednesday cleaning the basement, and tearing out the decorations. Starting with the village. From the airport, to the farm next to McDonald's. and Coca Cola soda plant. It's an amazing display - and fun to put up! It was snowing all day which really made it more Christmas feeling.
After, we went outside to put up our awesome lights. I volunteered to do the candy cane strand. All I had to do was push in some pegs and connect the candy canes. Silly me didn't realize the ground would be so frozen. I broke a good 5 (give or take) pegs. Then we decided to boil water, shank the ground, and hammer in the pegs (this worked a lot better). I couldn't get a picture of the entire light set up outside, thanks to crappy phone quality camera used. Not to mention we kept adding and adding until we I eventually passed out. I wake up to find 3 more bushes covered in lights. While looking at our masterpiece outside the window, my step brother was a bit OCD over his strand of candy canes. "You see that one in the middle? That could be straightened out more...maybe turned on more of an angle". It was quite funny. 
It was nice not only to spend the holidays doing Christmas traditions, but because I got to spend the time doing it with my step brother.