Tuesday, December 3, 2013

I have a blog not a DSL camera

Who says you need a fancy camera for a fancy blog?

I'd love to be able to snap pictures of my life to share, but I not only don't have a fancy camera...I don't even own a camera. Or a phone. I'm currently residing at my boyfriends place on the verge of sleeping nights under the overpass. Luckily, my boyfriend is a gamer. I have no idea what EVE is or how to play it - but I do know he has a nice computer up for my use. Therefore - I am now blogging.

I feel my blog would have much more traffic if I could show you my world. Hula hooping, the beauty of Detroit, my random adventures, and far more DIY tutorials. I'm much appreciative of those who have a passion to come view my blog, and even more to those who follow or leave comments. Everyday I wake up, check my email, and get a big smile once I see a comment posted. 

The point I'm getting at here - is you don't need fancy gadgets to write a blog. Anybody can blog


  1. Agree! Most of my pictures come from my phone.

    1. All of mine taken came from mine when I had one also. c:

  2. So true! All the pictures I post I find online or are from my phone. But I really can't wait for the day I get a nice camera.

    1. I love browsing through miscellaneous pictures on the Web. They in fact inspire many post ideas.
      The day I get a nice camera will be one of the best days of my life!