Friday, December 13, 2013

Jingle Bell Rock that voice!

I recently discovered my cousin could sing.

Browsing through Facebook - ignoring the annoying arguments, liking a few pictures, then I come across a video of my cousin Shelby singing. Not going to lie, I assumed a typical pitchy voice like the majority of teen singers posting videos out there.

I was too quick to judge.

Her voice is amazing! She flows with the notes so well, and only 15-years-old. She's part of the choir at her school, and passionate about her singing talent. You can view her newly created YouTube channel here to show some support. I'm sure she'd love to take requests. Personally - I'd love to hear a cover of Royal by Lorde!

 I saw her the first time in years a few months ago for a family reunion.
We're quite silly.


  1. Wow, she can sing indeed! I could never have guessed her age by hearing her voice! x